Waste No Opportunity

My favorite show on television right now (and that’s saying a lot since I don’t like many shows on TV anymore) is “The Amazing Race.” My family and I watch it together every week, and we get into discussions about the choices we would make if we were on the show. The host, Phil Keoghan, has an amazing life story that, for me, adds to the likeability of “The Amazing Race.”

“Phil Keoghan, the host of the television show, “The Amazing Race,” once had a near-death experience at the age of 19 while scuba diving. After reflecting on the importance of seizing the day, he decided on a new approach for his life. He wrote a list for life: a list of things he wanted to do before he died. He is now determined to live each day as if it were his last. He decided to go after his dreams. His adventures have included breaking a world record for bungee jumping, diving the world’s longest underwater cave, and renewing his wedding vows underwater while hand-feeding sharks. Phil has been profiled in People magazine and TV Guide. He has been a guest on Oprah. You can learn more about Phil in his book No Opportunity Wasted.”

(Note: This above paragraph is from a site called “Bucket Lists” that allows you to share your Bucket List as well as to view the lists of other people, including famous people such as Phil Keoghan and Lou Holtz.)

Goal setting is a great way to FOCUS ON THE VICTORY instead of the struggle. Sure, enjoy the process, but realize that your goals are what drive you to take the next step in the struggle. For me, the idea of setting goals by creating a bucket list is not just lip service. I truly believe in the strength of goal setting and have put that belief into action by creating my “40 by 40 Bucket List.” Let’s STRUGGLE TO VICTORY together by setting goals and holding each other accountable. In fact, I invite you to HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE!