Recommendation – Goinswriter

Note: This is an extra post outside the usual routine. If you know any aspiring writers, please forward this post to them. The information provided could be the gamechanger they have been looking for!

After three months of blogging, discouragement has become a recent visitor to my mind. My progress seems slow, and I often find myself wondering what I am doing or not doing that would increase my readership as well as writing gigs. Then along came a post by Jeff Goins at

Jeff recently published two e-books that are well worth your time and money for three reasons. (Actually, there are more reasons, but these are my top 3.)

First, they are concise (under 100 pages each) but packed with practical information for finding success in writing. These books, Before Your First Book: 5 Tips to Getting Published Now and Every Writer’s Dream: How to Never Pitch Your Writing Again, provide writers with the essential information in a way that does not overwhelm.

Second, the books are also a terrific value at less than $5 for BOTH books. Follow this link,, to find out more.

Third, Jeff writes in a way that emphasizes the content of the books. In other words, he writes about connecting while he is connecting by sharing feelings and experiences that all writers who have made any effort to write have experienced. This probably sold me on the value of the books more than their brevity and bargain-price.

Not only do I enjoy reading Jeff’s blog posts, I thoroughly enjoyed reading these two e-books as well. The tips in them finally have me believing that I can succeed as a writer. They also have me feeling like I am no longer floundering in what to do and what steps to take. I’ve read a lot of other material on how to succeed in writing and learned a lot… but so much of it has just been overwhelming. Jeff’s approach has made the overwhelming feelings subside and left me feeling like I can finally conquer this discouragement. Thanks Jeff!