Recommendations… Notice a Pattern?

So often, God speaks to us about issues or gives guidance to us through patterns. He often uses what I read in this way. As an example, below are several blog posts that fit with a pattern in my life where I feel God wants me to focus.

Fruit of the Spirit – You’re invited to Plant, Grow, & Cultivate – Weekly Bible study by Kathy Howard.

Does Playboy Influence Your View of Christian Community? @ A Curious Band of Others.

Small Town Triples in Size Overnight! @ A Curious Band of Others.

How to Inspire Others to Be Productive, Courageous, and Hard-Working – Episode 9  – Podcast at Life of a Steward.

Make Time For Relationships: How and Why – Episode 4 – Podcast at Life of a Steward.

If a topic or issue keeps arising in a variety of ways in your life, consider that it may just be God speaking to you. For me, that usually means I need to quiet my spirit and take time to listen.

DISCUSSION: Does God use patterns to speak to you too?