5 Minutes for Faith


For today’s post, take a trip to 5 Minutes for Faith, where I am beginning my time as a monthly contributor on this site.

My post today is titled “What’s Your Secret?” and encourages a focus on God-awareness over what the world calls “self-awareness.”

Looking forward to chatting with you at 5 Minutes for Faith today and then next week back here on Struggle to Victory, where we will be discussing Chapter 5 of Bob Sorge’s book, The Fire of Delayed Answers, on Tuesday & looking at the topic of flexibility on Thursday with the post “Can you touch your toes?”

6 thoughts on “5 Minutes for Faith

  1. Jumped over Kari and read it and subscribed for a while anyway. Sometimes I test one and decide if I want to keep getting it or not. Liked your message. Funny. I have a wonderful surprise secret for my hubby when he gets home. I arranged to get his name on the property and he has no clue! Can't wait till Saturday to tell him! I know first hand God knows our desires and secret dreams better than anyone. I live it everyday!

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