When Trust Is Broken

You will let others down. Others will disappoint you too. Though it happens in varying degrees, broken trust is inevitable because we are human. When it happens, three actions on your part – regardless of the depth of broken trust … Continue reading

Awareness of Trust

Awareness of Trust Seems like trust always stays in our awareness in some form. From trust with the media and politicians to trusting with friends and family, it’s something we don’t give a lot of thought to until it’s damaged … Continue reading

How to Build Trust

With lives securely based on trust in God, we can move forward in imperfect relationships. We work toward holiness together, knowing we’ll make mistakes but also seeing progress made toward complete perfection. And that moving forward requires we build trust … Continue reading

Building & Establishing Trust

When we firmly establish our source of trust in Christ, as we discussed in How Do We Live Out Trust? and Where Should You Place Your Trust?, we can now move on to the activity of trust within imperfect relationships. This activity of … Continue reading

How Do We Live Out Trust?

Living Out Trust Trusting another person often makes a bold statement about your trust in God, a statement saying you choose obedience over trying to protect yourself. Because we have a 100% reliable source of trust, we know the answer to … Continue reading

Where Should You Place Your Trust?

Analyzing Trust Where do you place your trust? Friends? Family? Spouse? Parents? Teachers? Doctors? Pastors? Authors? Children? Finances? Abilities? Talents? News? Television? To some degree, every object of trust breaks trust at some point. We all know the sting of … Continue reading

Confidence and Trust in Relationships

Consistency & Trust The more consistent a person’s attitude, actions and words, the higher level of trust and confidence I have in that relationships. When I know someone will dependably show solid character, my stress level goes down and trust goes … Continue reading

How to Earn Trust

Some people struggle with honesty more than others. This struggle usually results from significant feelings of instability. Even after finding consistency, the struggle often returns when routines get rattled. With these people, learning how to earn trust is essential. A great way to … Continue reading

Responsibility and Trust

Trust God When your kids frustrate you. Trust God. When your boss doesn’t agree with you. Trust God. When a friend forgets to call you… again. Trust God. If you’ve lost your job and can’t find another. Trust God. When … Continue reading

Transition in Change

Transition vs. Change Though often used as synonyms, transition and change are not the same. Change is situational. Transition is psychological & requires “inner reorientation.” Change is inevitable; transition is not. We have to go through change. We do not … Continue reading