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Writing was a part of my life even as a young child, and I focused on writing for my Bachelor’s Degree in English through Western Michigan University.

Below is a listing of my writing experience along with other professional experience. Please contact me at [email protected] for more details.

Writing Experience

  • Freelance newspaper writing
  • Ghostwriting for a company blog (See “Everday Carry… for Men” and “10 Tips for Safe Wear of Contact Lenses in the Workplace” for samples)
  • Tutoring & editing for individuals completing Master’s Degrees
  • Grant writing
  • Newsletter design and content writing
  • Advertisement design and copywriting
  • Business writing (letters, presentation documents, emails, etc.)
  • Customized Bible studies
  • Presentation design and content writing/editing
  • Editing in a variety of contexts including presentations, emails & newsletters
  • Customized devotional writing

Related Experience

  • Taught speech, developmental writing and freshman English at a community college
  • Gave presentations to professionals as part of a position as business liason between a community college and area businesses
  • Gave presentations to business women on topics of self-improvement such as managing stress and creating margin
  • Performed desktop publishing and advertisement design for a newspaper and freelance
  • Teach the adult Sunday school class at my home church
  • Presented and taught at women’s retreats
  • Taught the youth group at my home church

During my writing career, I have covered a variety of topics. and contexts. The list below while no means complete, provides an idea of the range of my writing skills.

Topics Covered

  • Business applications from presentations for self-improvement and apprentice programs to orientation for new students and grant program overviews
  • Safety topics including those related to wearing safety glasses and being prepared for emergency situations
  • Local events from festivals to job fairs
  • Interviews with business professionals, college professors and writers
  • Cultural topics such as a Native American Pow Pow and World Aids Day
  • Education topics including tuition assistance programs and business training topics
  • Faith-based topics including a Parish Nurse program and a synopsis of events at a local church
  • Student issues from foreign study to parking tickets to rental problems
  • Newsletter articles with a focus on Habitat for Humanity and its families
  • A wide variety of Bible-based topics

Work Experience (all in Michigan)

  • Glen Oaks Community College, English professor and Business Services Director
  • The Kalamazoo Gazette, freelance writer
  • The Western Herald, freelance writer
  • Habitat for Humanity, Administrative Assistant
  • Owner of KLS Services, destop publishing & writing
  • St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Christian Education Director
  • The Shoppers Guide, desktop publishing & ad design

Please contact me a [email protected] to discuss any writing, editing or presentation needs that you may have. Thank you for taking the time to read this information. REFERENCES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST!

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