Essential Elements of Christian Community

Check out my guest post Essential Elements of Christian Community at A Curious Band of Others.

Thank you to T. Neal Tarver for inviting me to post on his blog.

While you’re visiting A Curious Band of Others, check out some of my favorite posts by Tom.

Also, DEFINITELY CHECK OUT Tom’s book Dark Eyes, Deep Eyes. I ¬†highly recommend it!

7 thoughts on “Essential Elements of Christian Community

  1. Thanks, Kari, for guesting (can guest be a verb?) over at Curious. Thanks as well for the promo. I'm glad to be in cyber-community with you. God bless and good writing.

  2. It does start with the though life. What that's connected to — my heart,my mind — I don't really know. But sin, depression, anger are all born right inside my thoughts. If i cut it out early in the process, I'm less likely to do the deed

    • So very true! The earlier we can get that seed out, the less likely a root is to grow. Just read in my devotion this morning that we need to let feelings surface right away not to live in them but to deal with them. That way, they don't have a chance to get buried and to reprogram us over time.

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