Depression Series

July 3, 2014

DEPRESSIONRecently, Bill Grandi at Cycle Guy’s Spin ran a series called Second Chances. In it, I wrote about my struggle with depression. Through a series of questions and emails, Bill asked if I would consider writing more about my struggle and how I (with God’s help) overcame it. He sent me some questions, and we decided to run it as sort of an interview.

Due to length, the conversation is divided into five conversations. Here’s the link to the first one, the second one and the third one. I believe Bill’s plans are to publish the remaining to in the next two weeks.

Please take a few minutes to visit Cycle Guy’s Spin to read my depression series along with Bill’s others posts which are always thought-provoking. Thank you, Bill, for this opportunity to share a very personal story. I believe God will do amazing things with our connection!

19 Responses to “Depression Series”

  1. cycleguy Says:

    The feeling is mutual Kari. I so appreciate your willingness to be open and honest. And yes, I do plan on running it the next two weeks. Monday evening from 8:00 to Tuesday evening at 8.
    My recent post Miracle!

  2. Mark Allman Says:

    Comments are closed on the first two installments but I appreciate you expanding my view of Jonah's story. How he put his comfort first. When someone believes in you it is a powerful motivator tor you to live up to what they believe. We should communicate those positives beliefs we have in others to them; to encourage and to help them believe themselves. Just stating out loud a positive belief about someone in their presence and in the presence of others is such a powerful thing. We should look for opportunities to do that often.

    • Kari Scare Says:

      There is such power in positive encouragement, Mark. I did not get that as a child, and it's taken a long time to overcome that reality. Still hard to accept encouragement as an adult. I see such a difference in my kids when I encouragement them; well, I see it in adults too, actually.

  3. Mark Allman Says:

    I think it is pretty awesome how consistent you are posting and how you are leading a band of reader's here week to week. Go Kari!!

  4. Barb Says:

    THanks, Kari – I'll have to check that out!
    My recent post Do You Eat When You’re Tired? 8 Questions That Will Help

  5. jonstolpe Says:

    Thanks for your transparency in these posts!

  6. marymccauley Says:

    Great to read your posts Kari. As always they are encouraging and helpful. Thank you for sharing your story like this. Thanks to cycleguy as well for posting it. I struggle with highs and lows which if I stop to examine them in this light I may gain understanding about. You are a blessing! Happy July 4th.

  7. Dan Erickson Says:

    I'm going over there now, Kari. I have had less struggle with depression, but more with fear in the past.
    My recent post please don’t be offended if i don’t call you friend

  8. Great post. Thanks for sharing the post. Depression is a difficult condition which can be occurred due to many factors like genes, environment, lifestyle. Many millions of people are suffering with depression. Psychotherapy especially CBT will work effectively in treating with depression.

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