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21 Replies to “Divine Stress Relief”

  1. I know this is not very "spiritual" but I look forward to riding my bike this afternoon. It has been a long and busy week. late night. Meetings every night and seemingly all day. Study. Counseling. Crummy weather. Supposed to be sunny and in the 50s. I plan to work until it is time to ride and then have fun and take my time. I'll call it Holy Exercise or Holy Bike Riding if I need to make it spiritual. 🙂

    1. You certainly don't have to explain why bike riding is a spiritual act to me. Some of my best times of connections with God are when I'm running or riding my bike. I too am looking forward to nice weather when I can do both outside more. Just don't get the same experience on the treadmill in my basement.

  2. Good timing, the last couple of weeks has added to my stress. But as soon as I stop and focus on the reason I am doing all I am doing, the anxiety is released. I can keep my priorities straight. What I realize is we cause our own stress and anxiety. Our expectations, our timelines, our limitations are our causes of stress. An abundant life in Christ realizes we are our worst enemy.

    On my writing project, I am releasing my will, ways and wisdom and seeking His will, ways and wisdom. The rest will take care of itself. I plan to live out what I am writing, persevering while seeking His providence to appear upon my path, and He will in His time. No sense in stressing about what I cannot control.

    Have a great weekend. Thanks for the reminder.
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    1. You're so right, Coach. We do create our own stress to a great extent. And, when we focus on that stress & its causes, we take our focus off of Him, the only source of perfect peace. I did much the same thing with my writing projects/focuses, and it's amazing how much peace floods when that happens. It also seems to be when His providence takes over and seems to be clearly directing our lives, isn't it?

  3. In that verse it tells us to learn from Christ and then we will find rest. It takes time and effort to learn from Christ. How do we learn from anyone? We spend time with them; we pepper them with questions; we discuss failures; we explore alternatives with them. Stress sometimes makes us feel like we don't have time to do anything but work on whatever is hammering us. It is a lie that we fall for often. The lie that we don't have time to do anything but stress and worry over the big issue.

    1. And this is why many are stressed in the first place, they simply don't do what's necessary to not be stressed. Isn't being stressed really the easier road than not being stressed?

        1. Yes, it is hard to pull out of. Hard, but not impossible. For me, I got out of an overwhelmed & stressful life the same way I got into one… small changes over time that added up to a big difference. And it all started with a deliberate change in focus. Bet you CAN guess where that focus had to go! Not an easy road, and not over yet. But it is possible. Better to not get there though.

  4. That’s always been one of my fav verses, enjoyed reading it from a different version.

    All I need is found in Christ!

    1. Your heart for Ukraine shows through so much, Caleb, and I can understand why it's hard not to worry. I actually thought about you while I was studying Isaiah this past week. There's a lot of hope in that book for a lot of things, but especially for situations like these. Praying!

      1. Thanks for your prayers, we do appreciate it. Christina and I have found that sometimes we have to take a break from watching/reading the news because it can get overwhelming. I love Isaiah too, especially chapter 40!
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        1. I imagine watching/reading the news too much increases your feelings of helplessness too. For me, it takes my focus off God and puts it on the problem. My favorite Isaiah chapter is 43, and my favorite verses in that chapter are 18 & 19.

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