Guest Post – 3 Moves That Get You Closer to God

Today’s guest post comes from T. Neal Tarver, a native Texan living in Wisconsin, Tom has served churches in Texas and Wisconsin. He, his wife Ellen, and son Daniel lived and worked for three years as missionaries in the Russian Far East. Tom speaks enough Russian to both converse and confuse.

In 2011, Tom was selected as a semi-finalist in the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Genesis contest. He’s also been a two-time winner of MBT’s “Make Every Word Count Flash Fiction” contest. His debut novel, Dark Eyes, Deep Eyes, is available through WestBow Press, Amazon, BARNES & NOBLE, and other retail outlets.

He currently writes from his home in Richland Center, Wisconsin, or from wherever his travels take him. He posts articles weekly at A Curious Band of Others. Tom has spoken in churches across America, and in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

3 Moves That Get You Closer to God

Doggone it!

No Internet connection again.


Check the cable connections.

Flick the router power button off and on again.

Still … nothing … nothing at all.


This has been a problem I’ve had for weeks now—a hit-or-miss Internet connection and it’s been more miss than hit. I’ve had trouble communicating via email. I haven’t been able to Google facts. I’ve gotten assignments in a day later than planned. Pictures for a newspaper article couldn’t go out when I needed them to.

All because … doggone it … no connection with the Internet.

Until …

I moved.

I don’t mean changed addresses. I simply mean I got up from the kitchen table where I was comfortable and started working at the coffee table (which isn’t comfortable but, hey, now I’m connected).

Been having trouble connecting with God lately? May I suggest you move.

Move your body. If you tend to nod off during prayer time (and I have), maybe you need to relocate. If I sit in my comfortable easy chair, I nod. If I kneel at my easy chair, I tend to remain awake and aware of what I’m doing.

Even better for me, I walk. The movement stimulates my mind and allows me to pray with greater energy.

Move your schedule. In other words, reshape your schedule around your priorities. I had to rethink my email priority. It swallows up enormous amounts of time if I let it. In the past, I’d check email first thing in the morning, but what I thought would take a few moments would chomp out a huge hunk of my time.

I still check email but I’ve moved it down the priority list. My prayer and devotional time zipped to the top of the list (mainly because, if I wait until I have time, I find no time in the day).

Move the clutter. For financial reasons, we decided television in our home wasn’t a priority so we dropped cable (and without it, we get no programs). I am amazed how much time I have for other things, like sleep, when I’m not watching sports on television.

This also opens up reading time, studying time, devotional time, walking-the-dog time … I think you get the point.

I moved something out and allowed time for other things to move in, including time with the Lord.

One benefit of the move to the coffee table is I’m closer to my wife (she does her computer work—editing, Facebook conversations, etc.—on the couch by the coffee table). I find when I move my body, my schedule, and the clutter I’m also closer to God.

What moves would you add to the list?

7 thoughts on “Guest Post – 3 Moves That Get You Closer to God

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  2. Thank Kari for asking my dear friend and mentor Tom to be your guest this week. His words, whether in a blog or on my email are always encouraging, and right on!
    I have READ his book, I recommend it to anyone who has not. I follow his blog, which is how I got linked to yours.

    As far as change, well for me it is a new name and a new way of life. I recently married a semi driver and as a retired pastor am free to spend my weeks on the road in the semi with him….oh and that has freed me up to do something that was only a desire…write….

    God knew my deepest desires…learn more about that when I blog for Kari on Struggle to Victory in August.

    • I am so happy to have Tom guest post. He always has a good word for his readers. Amazing how God uses change to lead us in His will for our lives. You have followed His leading and new and exciting things are opening up for you. I am encouraged by your journey.

    • Thanks, Mary, for the kind words. And I've seen the changes first hand in your life. A year has made a big difference in both our lives.

  3. All three of these moves are something I try to constantly keep tabs on. I think moving physically, with regard to our time and concerning our possessions is an important assessment to make regularly. Another area of moving is to move your focus from others and selfish needs to God and His goodness. Been studying this a lot lately and He is working on this in my life. And, I think this is how love and grace grow in my life. Enjoying the moving process on this one!

  4. I loved what you said about moving your schedule. I've tried to fit God into the cracks of my day way too often. But I realized that he really does need to be the priority and I need to give him the firstfruits of my scheduled. For me, that's waking up early and getting in the word and praying before most of the world wakes up.

    • I am realizing more and more that He is in every part of my life. To segment Him in any way is to put Him in a box. He's way to big for that. It's not only when we spend time just with Him but also flows (via the Holy Spirit) within and through everything. This is something He's really been working on in me, so I'm not quite there. But oh the possibilities…

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