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Welcome Mary McCauley for our guest post today. Mary is first and foremost a child of the Almighty God. She seeks to honor Him with the life HE has given her.  She is a wife, mother, grandmother, neighbor and friend. She served as a licensed lay-pastor for 10 years before retiring to enjoy life with her husband on the road in the semi he drives.  She is a writer, having written countless sermons and Bible studies as well as writing in the form of personal journaling. With this guest post, she takes her first dive into blog writing. Mary is currently working on “thoughts from the road,” and we look forward to reading those in the future.


Availability can be a challenge, right?

Challenge 1: Location, Location, Location

Our brick and mortar home is near the Wisconsin River in Southwest Wisconsin.

My daughter and grandchildren live about 3 hours away in Southeast Wisconsin.

Geographical location often makes me unavailable to attend their ball games, band concerts or other events.

Challenge 2: Lifestyle Change

After serving as a licensed lay pastor for 10 years, I resigned to move on to another phase of life.

Since January 2012, I have been sharing a semi with my husband (he drives; I ride) transporting products like cereal, or the grain to make it, appliances and furniture.  Often, I am not even in the same state as our family and friends. This makes availability an even greater difficulty.

As I ride along the highways one word appears again and again.  “AVAILABLE!”

I see “AVAILABLE” printed on billboards large and small, as well as on banners topping empty warehouses, businesses and homes.

That one word continually reminds me I am not always physically available to family and friends. That sometimes makes me sad.

It makes me ask, “How can I be available from such a distance?”

I am grateful for the wonders of technology.  Cell phones, internet, and video recordings keep me up to speed on their busy lives while allowing me to live out a dream.

Through technology, we can share joys, concerns, fears and doubts, and words of encouragement.

I rejoice in God’s constant availability. I pray with and for my family to the ONE who is always available.

Love binds us together across the miles, and we are all surrounded by God’s great love.

Thankfully, wherever home is at any given moment in time, God is always the same. He is always AVAILABLE.

God is on duty 24/7!

The Apostle Paul tells us that nothing will ever separate us from God’s love and care. Jesus said, “I will be with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20) Father, Son, and Holy Spirit keep their PROMISES!

Availability is one of the challenges I wrestle with in my struggle to adapt to the challenging but dream-fulfilling lifestyle of constant travel in the semi and lack of physical availability to family and friends.

I find it works best to be available to God by spending time with Him each day. Then the rest seems to fall into place. As I pray I ask Him to help me daily demonstrate His love to my husband, family, friends, and even strangers I meet in a truck stop or rest area.

Thankfully our always AVAILABLE God is patient and long suffering, gracious and loving.  Wherever the road leads, God only asks my willingness to listen and grow and be His instrument of love in the world.

I thank Kari for graciously allowing this budding writer the opportunity to share “thoughts from the road” with you today.  I pray God will speak through them.


Please take a few moments to leave a comment below and to encourage Mary as she enters yet another phase of her writing life.

9 thoughts on “Guest Post – Available

  1. Personally, I struggle with the lack of availability of so many people in my life. I forget to be thankful for my always-available best friend, Jesus. Good perspective check for me Mary.

  2. We have to ask ourselves I think “Are we available” Regardless of where we are at are we ready to be available for God to use us? Does your family regard you as available regardless of day or night by whatever means that can be used? Do your friends know they can call on you? We know God is always there. I want to be viewed in such a way by those around me.

    • So true, Mark. I sometimes get hung up on others lack of availability that I forget to reflect on my own. For me, it's not that I'm not available, but I don't think I always appear that way to others. I really protect my time, but I think maybe I make it seem off limits too.

    • that is the next question and one I did not get into in this blog. We need to ask if we are we ready for God to use any time, any where, any way.
      My family knows that if I was needed I would be there as soon as possible and be praying always. Friends know the same…if I am around I will help them. Thanks for your sharing.

  3. Good post Mary-makes me reflect on really how "available" I am to my family and to God. Our busyness (or what we perceive to be our main focus) gets in the way of quality time with our family and our Father. You have inspired me!

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