Happy Birthday Struggle to Victory!

Today marks the one-year birthday of Struggle to Victory. To celebrate, I am sharing some of the best advice I have received over my life and how this advice shapes my approach to blogging.

1. “Always look up.” My naturopath abides by this philosophy. Basically, this advice involves finding the root cause of ill health. In a physical sense, that means following the connections up the body, starting at the main source of symptoms. For example, I have had chronic pain and tingling in my left foot (the symptoms) for several years now. This problem has been traced up my legs to my hips and lower back (the source).

Blog application: As I focus on post topics and responding to comments, I must constantly go back to the source of all that I am, a child of the King and servant of Christ, to address the symptoms that are life.

2. “Go deeper down and further out.” Tom Tarver at A Curious Band of Others reminded me of this quote from one of my favorite book series (The Chronicles of Narnia). See Tom’s post “If You Started a New Community, Where Would You Begin?” For a wonderful application of this quote found in The Final Battle, the last book in the series.

Blog application: The Holy Spirit brings an abundant supply of thoughts and ideas He wants me to explore. Upon first glance, they usually have an ordinary feel about them, but further reflection and meditation usually reveals a pull to go “deeper down and further out.” This pull takes me from the ordinary into the supernatural. This constant draw to go “deeper down and further out” with God provides the drive behind all that I do. No area of my life remains untouched by this.

3. “You don’t have to have all the answers.” I read a lot of other blogs, and I am not sure which one gave this advice. What I do know is that it has helped me immensely by taking pressure off of me to always be as thorough and complete as possible. It’s not that being thorough and complete is bad, but it sure does make for lengthy posts, which does not usually draw and keep readers.

Blog application: Blog posts don’t need to cover every detail of a topic. In fact, leaving room for readers to think and possibly respond is not only good blogging but also greatly beneficial in promoting critical thinking and personal application. As I write this, I realize that my favorite blogs are ones that get me thinking and then encourage me to do my own thinking even past the comments I leave. My prayer is that I do the same for my own readers.

Want to know what my favorite blogs are? See the “Links” listing on the right hand side of any page in Struggle to Victory. Oh yeah, be watching for updates to this very soon!

4. “Do what’s next.” Not sure where this advice came from either, but I have applied it for many years to everything from house cleaning to grocery shopping. Basically, it means to not get overwhelmed by the big picture or size of the task but to focus on the one thing that needs done next.

Blog application: I sometimes get overwhelmed by all that I have to do. Focusing on what’s next allows me to be productive and meet deadlines through simple prioritization.

5. “Just be yourself, and people can’t help but like you.” My mom has said this to me for as long as I can remember. She was teaching me the simple but powerful truth of being who God created me to be.

Blog application: In every detail of my blog from the writing to the layout to the graphics, I simply try to choose what reflects who I am. I try to not make choices simply to impress others or make my blog like someone else’s. In taking this approach with my blog as well as in life, I am actually discovering more about who I am through the process. Mother always knows best, doesn’t she?

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16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Struggle to Victory!

  1. Happy Birthday to the blog!
    And as for your tingling pain, check out materials on "trigger points." There's a really good book on Amazon – the Trigger Point Therapy Manual by Leslie Davies.

    • Thanks, Loren! Were you listening in on my morning devotions today? You hit on a major aspect with your comment on Living a Spectacular Life, and you did it again with this comment. The foot problem has been an long-standing, frustrating issue. I have tired everything short of surgery. I have started praying that I quite trying to solve everything, including my health and wellness, and to instead talk with Him and seek His perspective more. In doing so, He is giving me solutions. I feel like your suggestion on material to look into is part of that. God is awesome!

      • I'm a huge "evangelist" of trigger point therapy. It essentially cured me of TMJ a few years back and has really helped with all sorts of other things from leg pain to headaches. Check out the Davies book. It sounds very oriental, since people confuse it with pressure points and acupuncture. But it's actually very Western, empirically observed, and scientifically proven.

        • I actually already ordered the book. My naturopath has already shown me some techniques that worked wonders for my hip, so when you recommended the book I knew right away this approach was one of the missing pieces for which I had been searching. This foot problem has plagued me for 25 years with the last 2 being the worst, yet I am certain that there is a solution and determined to find it.

  2. One year – that's so great, Kari! A huge accomplishment. I loved all your words of wisdom. The part about choosing what reflects who you are is very interesting – I'll have to think about that! I also love blogs that make me think – and I'm honored to be on your favorite blog list – thank you!

  3. Happy belated blogger's birthday! I had 86 unread messages this morning so I'm still digging out from under the pile. Glad I pulled your outs because I want to applaud your continued effort. You keep showing up and doing the "next thing." Great!

    I'm always humbled to be mentioned by you. Thank you for the support and encouragement.

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