10 thoughts on “How to… Be Still

  1. I took a moment to be still just now before God. I notice the earlier verses tell how God is with us. I am sure the being still helps us remind ourselves of that. I also thank God that he was God and that I was not. 🙂

  2. Just posted this – it is perfect. My family is struggling with the loss of one of our members, and it is always interesting to see the reactions and attitudes at a funeral – those who are fretting and fussing about the loss, or for that matter the inconvenice of the funeral, versus those who are trusting God through it and the peace that comes from that kind of faith. Love the simplicity and effectiveness of your message today.

    • I am blessed that this met you where you needed it today. I am also glad I took a chance with something a little different for that same reason. My prayers for comfort, peace and hope as you struggle with loss today, Coach.

  3. Hi Kari, just a bit behind in my emails this week! Love this…can you do one about listening? HA! I think when we are still we are better able to LISTEN to God. Love that verse…His being ABOVE politics is especially needed today!

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