When I compare my mental, physical, spiritual & social health 2 ½ years ago to today, I see complete contrast. This changed happened through many small changes, all of which would be impossible to remember let alone list.

The following 10 small changes illustrate the principle of incremental growth as it took place in my own life. I offer them now by way of testimony of my struggle to victory in my life.

  1. Found the root cause of my poor health.
  2. Learned as much as I could about my health conditions.
  3. Eliminated bad & increased good nutrition.
  4. Asked for help. Lots of help.
  5. Took naps. Got the rest needed to heal & grow strong.
  6. Said “no” more in order to be able to say “yes” better.
  7. Rediscovered exercise. Quit timing, measuring & comparing.
  8. Made reading a daily requirement.
  9. Retired. (That’s what my husband calls it… I call it quitting my job.)
  10. Spent time daily in prayer & reading my Bible.
  11. Took my thoughts captive.
  12. Started a blog to tame those captive thoughts.

These small changes may or may not trigger ideas for changes needed in your life, but hopefully they do indicate over-arching areas needing attention for anyone’s growth to endure.

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Luke 2:25 indicates that Jesus grew physically, intellectually, spiritually and socially. Applying that to my own life comes throu

gh realizing that all the small steps I take are leading me down a path of growth that follows Jesus’ example.The cedars of Lebanon grew to 120 feet tall and 30 feet in circumference. They were solid, strong and immovable, and the writer of Psalm 92 saw believers who placed their faith in God as upright, strong and unmoved much like these cedars. And strong believers know that following God is not a one-time event but an ongoing, moment-by-moment experience.Just as a cedar of Lebanon didn’t pop up overnight like a dandelion, victory in our lives doesn’t spring forth without being first built through small changes made over time. Come to think of it, that’s how God builds an enduring faith too.

DISCUSSION: How are you growing physically, intellectually, spiritually & socially?

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