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19 Replies to “Living to Please God”

  1. Keep our eyes and heart focused on the race we each have been called to run. Everyone's journey is unique and different with the obstacles and opportunities along the path. Don't compare but keep your eyes on the one who matters and is waiting for you to finish! Skinned knees and strained muscles and exhausted arms and legs reveal the effort. However, don't be confused with running your own race on your own versus running your race with God's grace fueling your effort – the results and finish lines are quite different. Faith inspires victory whereas fear leads only to losing.

  2. I think that if I'm focused on what is before me, and not what is before someone else, (ie, concentrate on what's on my plate and not theirs) that it will not only benefit me, but it will also be a powerful witness to others.
    There are people I avoid because I know they are "busybodies" or "negative nelly's" and I just don't want to hear the gossip, I don't want to hear the negativity or whatever. Instead, I'd rather my focus be as Paul instructs in Phil 4:8.
    It's so easy to get drug into those type of conversations and mindsets. I know I'm very guilty of being that way and I don't want to be that way any longer so I avoid when I can and when I can't I try to bring up whatever is praiseworthy.
    There are some who say I am a negative nelly with my passion for current events but that's a different topic.

    1. Can be difficult to please God with a constant barrage of negativity and criticism. We need to do our best not to be that way and to walk away from it when it is affecting our witness. I have not viewed your passion for current events as negative. I like your approach to them as a way to warn us to keep watch.

  3. Kari,
    So if I am to mind my own business I must ask myself what is my business? My business would be what I engage in daily and are pursuing I would think. Part of that is work and part is how I go about work and the daily grind of living. So I would think my pursuit should be done in such a way as I would taking care of my responsibilities without needing others to step in and do my work and second I am doing it in a way that is respectful. If anyone happens upon me they should find me doing that which is sound in both work and living.

    1. We too often focus too much on others business that our own does not get the attention it needs. Making sure our lives are a witness to others is so very important for giving our words impact.

  4. "Lead a quiet life" really stood out to me. I believe we are not called to yell and shout our faith in the "streets" but to live a life that exemplifies God and His character. Letting our example and deeds show Christ. Great passage!

    1. Plus, their business isn't our business anyway. We can still encourage and support without knowing details; often, that's the preferable way. "A quiet life in this world is one that echoes loud into eternity." Great wisdom in that statement, my friend.

  5. Hmmm… interesting question. I would have never really looked at that scripture in the context of thinking about focus before, so it's certainly an interesting exercise. I think that passage instructs us to live in a certain way because living that way is important…and living that way is important because character matters, witness matters, and the "small things" matter to God….that God sees things differently from us and doesn't expect or desire each one of us to be a church-planting pastor like Paul…and remembering that that is important we can then choose to focus on that…to focus on the little things.
    Hopefully you follow my train of thought there, haha.
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    1. He wants us to be who he created us to be and to serve him in ways unique to us. Focusing on the simple things allows us to better do that, I think. This Scripture seems to say that how we live matters, and it matters even more when we have to do something that's more public. Just processing your processing of the Scripture and question.

  6. "Mind your own business" hit me. In an age of social media where we think everyone's business is our business, and makes us prone to envy and/or criticism it's a good reminder to slow down, pray, and ask for God's guidance. He has a plan for my "business." And I will be happier and more contented when I focus on those things to which He has called me. Great thought starter Kari! Enjoy your weekend!!
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    1. You're so right. Our privacy does seem to be shrinking. I am trying to realize more that some things are simply none of my business. Someone I know says that "What others think of you isn't your business." What do you think about that?

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