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Recently in a group of Christian couples, the discussion turned to the most difficult aspect of faith. For many of the people in that group, the biggest challenge they are facing is living out their faith in a real and practical way. I think this is a struggle that so many Christians have. Fortunately, there are resources like Christian Faith at Work to help find victory in that struggle.

Written especially for Christian business leaders but applicable to anyone desiring to integrate their faith at work, Christian Faith at Work is “about how to run a Christian business. This means running a business with an eternal perspective, making decisions and planning strategically so that people are impacted in a way that points them to God.”

The following are some of my favorite posts at Christian Faith at Work. Please check them out, and let Chris Patton know you support his efforts and goals. Then, return to Struggle to Victory, and let me know what you think about Christian Faith at Work. I know you will be blessed by Chris’ blog!

Note that Christian Faith at Work also provides Resources and a Reading List that will benefit Christian business leaders and really anyone wanting to integrate their faith at work. Chris’ testimony is pretty powerful too, so be sure to read that History while you are there!

DISCUSSION: Why is integrating faith at work so difficult?

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