Recommendation – Imagination is Your Creation

Some people have the gift of telling good stories. People listen intently to what they say, knowing they will be rewarded. Some of those people also have the gift of writing down their stories in a way that impacts others toward creativity and exploration of their world. Imagination is Your Creation is one example of this kind of storytelling.

Behind the terrific storytelling at Imagination is Your Creation lies a woman who comes from a tragic past but who has chosen to overcome that past. Inge Lindholm has created Imagination is Your Creation for “fellow adventure seeking friends and for those who have aspirations to make a change in their life, have a new experience, or just go after a long-awaited goal!”

Please visit Imagination is Your Creation and read her inspiring and fun stories. Perhaps like me, you’ll also be inspired to write your own stories. Perhaps you’ll want to take the plunge and go on that adventure you’ve been dreaming about.

DISCUSSION: Please share what you liked about Imagination is Your Creation and about the roll of storytelling in your life.

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