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Podcasts provide a terrific option for individuals who don’t have time or don’t like to read. Download from iTunes and listen while exercising, driving and cleaning. You can also listen to most straight from their web site of origin.

Of course, choosing podcasts with quality content is important since your time is so valuable. To help you, I am recommending the following two sources for podcasts with solid content and reasonable length (generally 15-20 minutes).

Note that each of these podcast sources also produce excellent blog posts that are well-worth your reading time.


2 thoughts on “Recommendation – Podcasts

  1. Oh wow! Thanks for the shout-out!Oh wow! Thanks for the shout-out!
    I love listening to podcasts. While I'm driving, while I'm exercising (low-impact cardio stuff – I don't listen to podcasts during high intensity exercises), even sometimes when I'm working on low concentration activities (cleaning my office, etc.). I hope to write some more about this at some point, but the main benefit is that it creates an environment for me.

    Here are some ones I'm currently enjoying:
    – Stand to Reason
    – The Accidental Creative
    – The EntreLeadership Podcast

    Also, there are TONS of preachers who put their sermons online as podcasts. Those are great too!

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