Recommendations… Notice a Pattern?

So often, God speaks to us about issues or gives guidance to us through patterns. He often uses what I read in this way. As an example, below are several blog posts that fit with a pattern in my life where I feel God wants me to focus.

Fruit of the Spirit – You’re invited to Plant, Grow, & Cultivate – Weekly Bible study by Kathy Howard.

Does Playboy Influence Your View of Christian Community? @ A Curious Band of Others.

Small Town Triples in Size Overnight! @ A Curious Band of Others.

How to Inspire Others to Be Productive, Courageous, and Hard-Working – Episode 9  – Podcast at Life of a Steward.

Make Time For Relationships: How and Why – Episode 4 – Podcast at Life of a Steward.

If a topic or issue keeps arising in a variety of ways in your life, consider that it may just be God speaking to you. For me, that usually means I need to quiet my spirit and take time to listen.

DISCUSSION: Does God use patterns to speak to you too?

10 thoughts on “Recommendations… Notice a Pattern?

  1. I'm not sure if God uses patterns to speak to me, or whether I'm just so much more attuned to patterns because he's speaking to me – if that makes sense. It's kinda like how you want to buy a certain type of car and all the sudden you see that car everywhere – or when you find out you're pregnant, suddenly there seem to be so many babies everywhere.
    I think a lot of times as God pricks our consciences on an issue we will naturally see it everywhere.
    But then there are certainly times where his lessons seem to be custom tailored to us. I've listened to sermons or lessons before where I just had to shake my head because it was as if God knew exactly what I needed to hear.
    Thanks for the shout-out on the podcasts!

  2. Thank you, Kari, for the link.

    One area I've been aware of patterns has been when I don't see a particular person for ages then I see him multiple times in a matter of days. By the 3rd surprise sighting I'm getting out my calendar and saying, "I think we need to get together." :-)

  3. God definitely uses patterns to speak to me, although I'm pretty sure that He helps me be more attuned to messages that were already there. It's kind of like when you're interested in buying a certain car, suddenly they're everywhere. :-)

  4. thanks Kari for the links…funny thing is..I already have two of them and they touched and spoke to me as well. Tom's blog, Curious Band of others has a way of doing that. I also signed up for the Bible study…and have been reading some of Kathy's writings. It always seems that when I am facing something, or struggling with something God will provide a reading or a person to speak to my need. Isn't HE awesome! Praise be to the Great Almighty!

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