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10 Replies to “Amplifying Missions”

  1. I love how you mention sending here. I think we often look at the great commission, think it's only about those who go, and then we just throw up our hands and stop trying. But sending is just as much a part of the great commission as the going.

    1. Sending and going are a major focus at my church. Not everyone can go, but everyone can send. My pastor jokes & says something like, \”You\’d better send, or you might be called to Inner Mongolia or Africa.\”

  2. Not many have the means to go without the ones staying behind to send. I consider it an honor to be part of sending people.

  3. I have been on 2 mission trips. One to Georgia and a second to Mississippi following Katrina. But my favorite story is how God took my dream of providing a few hunderd dollars for a Haiti mission and turned it into over $1800. American Baptist Women put out a request to raise funds. I thought of FOOD. A local church offered their building, not the one I was serving. Others in the community donated food, supplies, money, and the tables overflowed with people who made donations. I was shocked when I started counting the money. All bills paid and I was still able to send over 3 times what I had hoped. That was GOD at work. He gave me the idea and the strength,I did a lot of cooking! And people gave. and a mission in Haiti was blessed. I hope someday to do more mission trips.

    1. A mission trip will affect a person like no other experience. I recommend that everyone go on one if possible. My husband & I went to New Mexico to an Indian Reservation several years ago, and we sent our 12-year-old on one to El Salvador (caught a lot of flack for that one… "He's too young…"). Life changing for sure!

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