Sunday Reflections – Walls of Inspiration

The walls of my home display what inspires me.

Family pictures. Inspirational sayings and quotes. Bible verses. Even just single words that describe approaches to life.

These walls reflect who I want to be, my values, and what’s important to me.

They serve as constant reminders, something I need to surround myself with more and more as culture constantly seeks to invade my life.

2-20-13 collage

A wall at my church displays photographs of all the missionaries our church supports.

The wall on the big screen in the sanctuary shows these missionaries during prayer times.

2-20-13 countries

These walls stand for what I consider to be a hero, values important to God.

These walls serve as regular reminders of the Great Commission and my part in that commission.

2-20-13 great commission 3

The walls that surround me most often show what I want to be the focus of my time, talent and treasure.

2-20-13 So all can hear

DISCUSSION: How do you remind yourself of where you want to focus your time, talent and treasure?

15 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections – Walls of Inspiration

    • Don't have one "got to source" for them. I got one at Meijer, one at a rummage sale and two at International Market. I don't exactly set out to find them, but I am always delighted when I do find them. I'm not a big shopper, but I do like to just wander and browse once in a while, and that usually helps me find these things. Hope this helps!

    • Try Family Christian Book stores. They seem to have a nice selection in many price ranges. I have bought some there and love them. I know you can find them on line if you don't have one near you.

  1. Effort = Results! It is my motto that I learned from Lou Holtz, the coaching legend and mentor to many coaches. I love the posters you revealed and used many similar and even now have a couple over my desk.

      • Sorry, Michigan too far north for me. I have been to Ann Arbor in the winter and my thin blood felt it. Of course I remember long ago (before you were likely born) escorting the the Cherry Festival Queen in Traverse City and that was a summer to remember.I am sure your son getting great godly leadership right at home.

  2. Crazy on the road week. I have some old and some new. One of my favorites is glued back together, it was mom's. :"Cast all your cares on Him for he cares for you" it is not the most beautiful, but sure is meaningful. I know she leaned on Jesus to see her through.
    We are heading home early this week and leave out again on Sunday. Looks like we will beat the storm! Thanks God!

  3. Hi Kari,
    One thing I repeat often to my children is to "Relish the Journey" I have painted that on canvas too. I search for quotes often to share with my kids. Sometimes through email, sometimes a letter, and sometimes I'll print out and post around the house.

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