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SurpriseAs you know, Struggle to Victory doesn’t normally post on Fridays. However, Dan Erickson at writing for the sake of my humanity welcomed me as a guest post today, and I wanted to let you know. The article “writing, why you should trust the process” shows a bit different side of me. I hope you like it! For sure, I know you’ll like Dan’s writing, so be sure to check it out too while you’re there!

12 thoughts on “Surprise Post!

  1. I enjoyed the post very much. I would love to be a student of yours! I am sure I could learn much, I was surprised to see a post yesterday. Now to watch the WISCONSIN BADGERS>…oh how I am hoping for a win!

    • Thanks, Mary. I really enjoyed teaching. Was just hard to do well with a young child & was starting to get sick a lot too. My heart is for teaching though, but I just do it in other ways now. Enjoy the game!

  2. Hi Kari, I just read your guest post and it was so interesting. I realized that I trust in the process (or in God in the process) in personal growth and in other areas of my life, but not in writing! With writing, I expect myself to be perfect right away. I definitely should have taken your class before I started blogging and writing. The last writing class I took was in high school and I only took one! But after doing everything the hard way for years, I'm finally discovering there is an easier way and am moving slowly in that direction!
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