Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving_main5minutesforfaith125-2All this month at 5 Minutes For Faith, contributors shared reasons for being thankful. So for today’s post, I’d like you to take some time to visit that site and read through the variety of reasons different people are thankful. Chances are good, you’ll come away more thankful yourself!

Also, please take a minute to list some reasons you are thankful in the comments below.

Thankfulness just feels good, doesn’t it?!

5 Minutes for Faith


For today’s post, take a trip to 5 Minutes for Faith, where I am beginning my time as a monthly contributor on this site.

My post today is titled “What’s Your Secret?” and encourages a focus on God-awareness over what the world calls “self-awareness.”

Looking forward to chatting with you at 5 Minutes for Faith today and then next week back here on Struggle to Victory, where we will be discussing Chapter 5 of Bob Sorge’s book, The Fire of Delayed Answers, on Tuesday & looking at the topic of flexibility on Thursday with the post “Can you touch your toes?”