Tinsel – Not Just for Decoration!

tinselCreating Memories

One of my boys’ favorite Christmas movies is “The Santa Clause” starring Tim Allen. Toward the end of the movie, some of the elves help Santa escape from jail using tinsel to cut the hinges off the cell door, and one of them says,

“Tinsel. Not just for decoration.”

My boys love this part of the movie. In fact, we quote it often this time of year mainly because of the overwhelming presence of tinsel in our house.

Growing up, my family always put tinsel on our tree as the final touch. When I got married, my husband protested against the tinsel because it got everywhere. Though I couldn’t argue with him, I also just couldn’t part with the tinsel.

Reasons for Tinsel

First, my tree simply looks naked without tinsel. Beyond that, this tradition produces such good memories that Christmas seems incomplete without it.

Tinsel also provides a year-round reminder of Christmas. My husband finds tinsel annoying not just because it gets everywhere, but also because we still find remnants of it in August. Just another way to experience Christmas joy year-round.

Finally, tinsel hides the ornaments I dislike. My husband has this one ornament he insists on placing front and center on our tree. I can’t stand the thing (Sorry Dallas Cowboy fans!). So, I hide it with tinsel. This good-natured fun creates some of the best Christmas memories.

The point?

There are two, actually. First, have fun and enjoy Christmas not just during the Christmas season but year round too. Second, don’t miss out on those small opportunities to create those memories. After all, it’s usually the small events and moments that add up and combine to make a significant impact on your life.

What fun Christmas traditions help bond your family and provide small opportunities that add up to make a difference year round?

Why the Butterfly?

One of the most vivid memories from my childhood comes from the butterflies that filled our home. Plates, cups, pictures, clothes & jewelry. On pillows, on the wall, and even on the Christmas tree. They never stopped coming into our small, ranch home on that dirt road in lower Michigan. Our house may have been surrounded by cow pasture, but it was filled with butterflies.

My mom collected butterflies, and people gave them to her a lot. She definitely received them on birthdays, at Christmas and on Mother’s Day, but she also often received them on regular days too. Whenever friends and family saw a butterfly, they thought of my mom, and often bought and gave them to her for no special reason.

Now, over 25 years later, she still collects butterflies, and people still buy them for her on special and not-so-special days. I still think of her when I see a butterfly, especially the live ones as they flutter around my lilac bush. This is one reason why the butterfly graces my blog header.

The other reason a butterfly defines my platform is because butterflies represent a struggle to victory. They break out of a cocoon only after great struggle. Skip the struggle, and they die.

Today when I see a butterfly, I not only think of my mom, but I also think of how struggle brings victory. Really, the butterfly represents not only my past, but also my present and future as I focus on sharing the struggles and victories in my life with others.

DISCUSSION: What childhood memories endure to define you positively still today?

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