Two Questions to Help Assess Your Technology Use

QUESTION #1 – Are you an average mobile user?

Average mobile userQUESTION #2 – Is technology your tool, or are you its slave?

Technology tooSlave to technologyDISCUSSION: What else can help us assess our technology use?

16 thoughts on “Two Questions to Help Assess Your Technology Use

  1. Tech provides an access to an almost inexhaustible source of information to grow your knowledge of subjects that are important to you. But if you misuse what is available, it can misinform too! It can grow your circle of communication and contact, but as in real life, be careful to know those you follow and observe out of common interests versus acquaintances versus valued friends. Be selective and you will discover new friends in your virtual neighborhood.

    Tech has many challenges and risks, but it offers many rewards and benefits. Always remember all tech has an power button. Never allow tech to dominate those who are closest to you, they always come first. Our mind can have a thirst for the ease and vastness of the tech circles but our heart desires the touch and proximity of reality to share what it feels is right and good for the body.
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    • The same rules that apply to face-to-face relationships really apply to electronic ones as well. The exception is that face-to-face is there for a reason. We are limited by proximity for a reason. The Tower of Babel story seems to fit your comment here so well. We need balance, or we risk being a slave. Great thoughts, Mike.

  2. I prefer a face-to-face encounter with people. I text so as to not bother since they can choose not to reply or "play dumb" they never received it if they don't want to talk to me. πŸ™‚ i do find myself checking things out on the computer but when I get home at night, very very seldom. No FB or Twitter since I am not active on either. No Pinterest. Nothing extra. Call me a dinosaur. i can take it. LOL
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    • Ok, Mr. Dinosaur πŸ™‚ Seriously, it really is a choice. The struggle is, I think, making the choice between the immediate and the long-term cultivation. I like the texting to not bother and sort of giving people an out if they want one. I do the same thing and even go so far as to say they don't have to respond, especially when I know they're reading it.

  3. I must admit, I had to say OUCH a few times. Thankfully I'm not completely a slave nor am I the "average" user…but I'm closer than I care to admit.

    Very convicting and eye opening post.

    • Amazing what taking a minute to assess specific areas of our lives – to do an awareness check – does for us, isn't it? The question then becomes what to do with that awareness.

  4. I can't imagine making or receiving 22 calls / 23 texts per day. Some days, I won't text anyone, while other days I send/receive maybe 5-10. I much prefer face-to-face connections, when possible.

    My one downfall would be checking the email & Facebook late at night before bed and occasionally early in the morning.
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    • Me either. I would hate it too. I'm not a phone person at all. I do text a lot though, but I am learning to prefer face-to-face connections more. Do you see any downfall or drawback to your checking email and FB late at night before bed and early in the morning? There may not be, but do you see any need to change that?

      • I don't think it's necessarily a practical drawback, just a reflection of the priority I place on email and social media. It's more of a reflection on my heart – that I place too much importance on it by needing to check it early in the morning and right before bed.
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  5. Great charts and questions! I think it's important to regularly do a self-technology check, seeing how much time is focusing on the phone and computer. Making sure it's a healthy balance.

  6. I agree. We are restricted to vincinity to a purpose, and we need to make where we are a priority. How do you think it promotes stability over servitude? Would like to hear more on that.

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