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429755_57473506Most of us have some Virtual Influences or at least some aspect of our face-to-face relationships that are virtual. And most of us will admit that while virtual can never replace face-to-face, it is now forever a part of how we operate and think. And I’m thankful for the virtual benefits in my relationships too, benefits reflected in the connections with many individuals I likely would never have met otherwise.

Included in those connections is TC Avey from Wisdom of a Fool. The more TC and I “talk,” the more we find out we have in common in our non-virtual lives. On a deeper, true relationship level, TC challenges me to challenge myself. She did it through her book The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends, and she did it through her invitation to guest post on her site. For this guest post, The Reality of Superheroes, TC encouraged me to get outside of my comfort zone a bit, and I definitely grew by accepting the challenge.

Another connection, Cycleguy Bill Grandi, brings a unique element to my life by sharing his pastor’s heart on an almost daily basis, giving me a much-needed ministry perspective in my non-virtual life. He also challenged me recently by asking me to share my “second chance” story, which I did in the post “God is a God of Second Chances,” on his blog, a story I’m less comfortable sharing face-to-face. (Note: Link to post will be added when available.) Bill is sharing second chance stories, his own and others, over the next few weeks. Be sure to check them out to be reminded of your own second chance stories and to be inspired by the stories of other people.

This month has been a terrific month of sharing my Virtual Influences with you. I hope you also experience the benefit that virtual relationships – a sort of supplement to the crucial nourishment we get in face-to-face relationships – can bring to your life.

DISCUSSION: Take a minute to talk about your own virtual influences if you have not done so already this month.

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15 thoughts on “Virtual Connections

  1. Good morning "virtual" friend and mentor! To add to your thought just yesterday one of my virtual friends called me personally for advice about her son and his football development. Go figure!

    The 21st Century adds another layer of relationships that can be very helpful when kept in proper perspective.

    God bless…make disciples of all people wherever they may be!
    My recent post Words of Wisdom: Actions Define Faith

    • Great example! You make a terrific point about needing to keep things in proper perspective. Actually, that is what I'm searching for in May as I tackle my thoughts and leadings on the topic of technology.

  2. WOW! Thanks Kari for the mention! i will send you the link for your guest post soon. It will be next week as I am spreading them out. I do appreciate the "friendship" we have gained.
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  3. I enjoy the benefits of hanging out in your virtual world here. Thanks for all you do. I don't know if there is a free way to do conference calls but I think it would be nice to have a conference call with your blog family once in a while to discuss a topic.

    • So glad you are a part of it too, Mark. Thank you! You certainly know how to challenge me to get outside of my comfort zone. A conference call is an interesting idea. Not only would I need to learn the technology to make it happen, but I would be challenged to use my least favorite technology too (the telephone). Will definitely pray about this, my friend.

  4. Your post for my blog is awesome! Thanks for accepting the challenge.
    I look forward to reading your post on Bill's blog as well.
    Have a wonderful day and God bless you.

  5. I'm so thankful for my virtual friends. Rev and I have a couple of challenges that I've never known any of my face-to-face friends have. It's been a great blessing to be able to encourage each other and ask for prayer. I agree virtual should never replace face-to-face, but I am thankful to share my heart with wonderful people . . . like you!
    My recent post Make a Wish Without Shoes

    • Sincerely definitely is crucial for relationships. I too need to feel people are sincere in order to truly have a relationship and connection with them. Good point, Dan!

  6. Love both that you mentioned. I appreciate you and all my virtual influences who encourage, challenge, and inspire me in so many ways. It certainly adds to my life and helps me in ways I can't even express! Thanks Kari.
    My recent post Sin Isn’t a Disease

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