970572_409455679172640_1316185825_nLast year at about this same time, my oldest son wrote a guest post (5 Lessons from 2 Timothy) based on reflections from his first year at a Christians in Training (CIT) summer camp at Bair Lake Bible Camp in Jones, MI. He attended the camp again this year and is back with additional reflections from what he learned at CIT.

(Picture to right: Jonathan is the first kid sitting on another’s shoulders starting from the left. He’s wearing the red shirt.)

3 Reasons to Pray by Jonathan Scare

“I don’t know what to write about,” I told my mom.

“Well, just let me know. Make sure you pray about it before you decide,” she replied.

So, I prayed and thought about if I had something to write, and the idea to write about 3 reasons to pray and how I would apply them came to mind.

Reason #1: So we can be more godly.

One of the main reasons for lack of godliness is prayerlessness.

Application: I will pray more, so I can be more like God.

Reason #2: Because prayer is expected.

Jesus expects us to pray.

“Jesus told his disciples they should always pray…” (Luke 18:1)

“Devote yourselves to prayer.” (Colossians 4:2)

“Pray continually.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Application: I want to pray because God expects it.

Reason #3: So we can learn about it.

Prayer can be learned by praying, by meditating on Scripture, by praying with others and by reading about prayer.

Application: I will pray, so I can get better at it.

Mom’s Note

My husband and oldest son are a lot alike. They don’t mince words and are very matter-of-fact. Yet, in their simplicity with words, they have a wisdom that will forever awe me. My son wants to pray to be more like God, because Jesus expects it and to learn more about it. Really, what more is there to prayer?

Mom’s Application: I will quit making prayer more difficult than it needs to be.

DISCUSSION: How could Jonathan’s simple view of prayer change your prayer life?