A Graduation Testimony

May 28, 2019

My youngest son graduates from high school this week. Honestly, there were times I wasn’t sure he’d make it. But, he struggled and pushed and refused to give up. He stayed resilient and tough in tremendous trials.

The semicolon tattoo has gained popularity in recent years as a symbol of mental health awareness.
Adoption date

He made it. He’s ready to try the world out on his own. Yet, he also knows he’s never really alone, never really on his own.

Check out this post for a description of this tattoo.
He came. He died. He rose. He ascended. He’s coming again.

My son will always have these reminders tattooed on his skin. They’re more than that, though. They’re his testimony too.

3 Responses to “A Graduation Testimony”

  1. bill (cycleguy) Says:

    Although i don't have a tat I am not opposed to them. I like it though when they tell a story like his do. Congrats on the graduation Kari.

  2. Mark Allman Says:

    Congratulations as I know that it takes a tribe to help someone get through life; be it school, a new job, marriage. I know you and your husband were a big part of this. So you all should be proud.

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