How to… Amplify

Choosing the Word

My family and I set goals together at the end of every calendar year. As already mentioned in Vacation Reflections: Resolutions, my husband and sons set their goals for 2013 rather quickly while I struggled setting mine.

After being drawn to the One Word 365 approach, I then focused in on selecting just the right word. As I am a recovering perfectionist, finding the “perfect” word seemed like a daunting challenge. Fortunately, and maybe because I was on vacation, I was able to sit quietly and notice God’s leading.

Just before going on vacation, I purchased a compact amplified Bible. While on vacation and soon after praying about a direction for my 2013 goals (it wasn’t an immediate “ah ha” moment right after praying), the word “amplified” on my Bible jumped out to me.

At that moment (and this was an actual “ah ha” moment), I knew I had found my focus for 2013. And as I studied the meaning and application of the word Amplify, my decision became increasingly solidified.

Connecting the Word

1-9-13 amplify beach 1

God had already prepared my heart for this focus. For about 6 months prior to purchasing the Bible, He drew my attention to reading the amplified translation during daily Bible study. I loved the depth this translation provided and continued reading it daily.

In addition to the spiritual application, the desire to go deeper made its way into other areas of my life as well. Physically, I felt like I was operating at 80% capacity and wanted to find out why and to do some tweaking to make headway into the remaining 20%. Socially, my weakest area, I had yet been able to truly make the progress I desired. I wanted to finally and fully know why. Other areas, as I note below, also called for amplification.

As I reviewed my 2012 blog posts, I realized that this desire to amplify could be also seen in much of what I was writing. Here are just a few examples:

So, when the word “amplify” came into my consciousness that relaxing day in Myrtle Beach, I knew that it was the focus I needed for 2013.

1-11-13 amplify

Applying the Word

When my family sets goals for the coming year, we focus in on 5 specific areas: Spiritual, Physical, Work/School, Social & Family. I knew what I wanted to work on in each of these areas already, so I then looked to key words that truly emphasized my intention to “amplify” in these focus areas.

The following resulted:

Spiritual – Generosity. Memorization. Transparency.

Physical – Posture. Stretching. Water.

Work – Projects. Crafting. Learning.

Social – Responding. Listening. Preferring.

Family – Individual. Relationships. Connections.

The key words in each of these areas reflect how I am purposefully choosing to amplify my life, and each involves taking what I am already doing in some way and adding power, detail, depth and quality.

This approach seems to leave room for change and flexibility and even spontaneity, not at all a natural quality for me, and I also find that these are the ways that I most notice the Holy Spirit moving in my life.

DISCUSSION: What would you list as important elements in how a person could “amplify” her life?

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10 Replies to “How to… Amplify”

  1. Kari,
    I like the areas you have picked. I might add one and the would be self. The things I might put under that would be things I do for myself in hopes they help me be a better person from an attitude standpoint and energy standpoint. I would put reading for enjoyment, time off, maybe going to a conference; things that would encourage me which in turn benefits those around me. Currently you have 15 things listed. While I know they are not all equal do you know how you will work them into your schedule? You might do a craft once every two weeks while you do posture daily for example. I imagine some you work on daily; some weekly and others as you see fit.
    Amp Up Kari!!

    1. My approach is that all the areas added together create "self." It's interesting, because as I prayed about this focus and even before I had the focus, I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to let Him plan my schedule more and for me to step back some. I used to be so planned out, and I was always disappointed at my results. I am learning to let God plan my schedule more, and I am finding more fulfillment and productivity that way. So, I am applying that approach to the focus on "amplify." Since I've made that commitment, I am amazed at how much my attention is brought to amplifying throughout the day. It's just fitting in everywhere, and I feel like the Holy Spirit is creating my awareness and the opportunities at the same time. Not sure how to verbalize this process, but so far it is working quite well. I am committing it to prayer daily, so I hope to stay in tuned to what God wants me to do as I "amplify" in 2013.

  2. I can tell you’re a perfectionist. 🙂 one of my goals for the year is to laugh more. I think that’s amplifying. I’m on vacation and finished a funny book yesterday. I wondered why I don’t watch more funny movies and read more funny books. I need less in my life I think. Amplify for me would have to be enjoying my life more rather than adding more to enjoy. I’m sure your year will be amplified because you’re being intentional.

    1. I like to think of myself as a recovering perfectionist who occasionally falls off the wagon once in a while. Laughing more is a terrific goal! That's definitely amplifying, especially when you consider how much laughter does for us with our physical and mental well-being. I love the idea of "enjoying life more rather than adding more to enjoy." Think I'll have to work that into my amplification process too. Great comment!

  3. Kari, I laughed when I saw where you found your word! I love how you have organized your thoughts and goals. You are an inspiration. As for crafts, well I have tried quite a few so if you are interested in something I might be able to share something about it with you. I love them, but find my new life limits some of that.

    1. I am glad it seems organized. Sometimes, what makes sense in my head doesn't seem to come out clearly. Now you made me laugh! When I said "craft," I meant as in "hone my craft." I am not opposed to doing crafts, but I am not very good at them. My youngest loves to do them.

    1. I think increased influence is definitely a part of what it means to "amplify." Or, perhaps a definite result for sure. In that, for me, I would like my current influence to be amplified in that the current quality increases, and there is more power behind what I am already doing. Thanks for the perspective!

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