If the opportunity arises to attend an adoption proceeding, please do so. November is National Adoption Month, and each state usually has a specific day each year it declares “Adoption Day.” On this day, multiple families adopt one or more children. The families and children are all ages and races, and the families all look very different from one another. But what isn’t different is the look of “finally” on each family’s face as the day they’ve waited for (usually anywhere from 1-3 years) has finally arrived. The road each family took to arrive at this day is as different as the people who traveled it, but the focus and goal unites them all. On this day, the family becomes the child’s “forever family,” and the goal of “permanency” has been achieved.

“Adoption Day” for our youngest son.

The Michigan Department of Human Services posted that in 2009, more than 2,700 children were awaiting adoption in Michigan. Today, there are just under 3,900 children in the foster care system awaiting adoption. The statistics don’t change much from year to year, unfortunately, and so many children continue to await permanency with their “forever family.”

If adoption is a part of your family history in any way, you understand the feeling that the words “forever family” evokes. You know that it means you have someone who promises to never leave you, a feeling with which you may be all too familiar. The idea that adoption can bring a sense of belonging and can give a child an identity for which he/she is proud is one of the drivers behind “Adoption Day.”

While not every person reading this will have been adopted or even have an adoption in the family, every person can know what being adopted into a “forever family” means by making Jesus Christ Lord of their life.Every Christian should already know the feeling of permanency that being a child of the living God provides. This is open to every person. Unlike the 3,900 or so children awaiting a permanent family in Michigan, no person has to wait to become a permanent member of the family of God. No person has to wait to know what belong to the “forever family” of God is like, because adoption into God’s family can happen today.

John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only begotten Son, so that whosoever believes in Him may never die but shall have everlasting life.” Admitting the need for a Savior, believing on the saving name of Jesus and confessing that you are a sinner is all that needs to happen in order to join God’s “forever family.”

No one has to wait for a declared “Adoption Day,” and no one has to wait for a family to be willing to adopt you. A family – God’s family – is ready and waiting, and the Father is always standing ready to welcome anyone with open arms!

DISCUSSION: What does being a part of God’s “forever family” mean to you? How do you celebrate it?

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