Last week, How to Live an 80/20 Live, Part 1 detailed a philosophy for obtaining and maintaining simplicity and balance. This week, the following ideas are offered to help further integrate this approach into one’s life.

  1. Analyze schedule weekly. Make sure the down time you personally need gets scheduled.
  2. Schedule extra down town. This can mean days off and vacations, and it can mean a morning at the coffee shop. The point being to schedule regular chunks of time for extra relaxing.
  3. Learn to say “no.” You simply can’t do everything. Learn to be an expert in a few areas rather than a master of none.
  4. Keep commitments simple. We have three focus areas (God, family, work… in that order), and we keep those as priorities. My husband and I hold each other accountable to this.
  5. Do it voluntarily. Know that your body and mind will force down time eventually. Do it on your own terms before sickness or worse force you to on their terms.

Obviously, there’s a tremendous amount within each of these points that can be said, but I’m deliberately not pursuing that level of detail. A simple and balanced life exists very differently from one person to the next. Comparisons can be very dangerous.

Figure out what works for you. Get ideas from others, but make them your own. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. However you do it, find that place of balance and simplicity that works for you.

By the way, if you hear yourself saying “I can’t…” that’s a sure sign that you need to.

DISCUSSION: What additional suggestions do you have for obtaining and maintaining balance and simplicity? What struggles have you experienced in this area?

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