Today marks Day 14 of the 30 Days of Funk program my church’s (New Hope Assembly of God) youth group is doing. The point? Raise awareness and funds for Speed the Light, the mission focus of the youth group.

Awareness comes when people ask questions about the shirt. Funds are raised when the kids wearing the shirts ask those same people to sponsor them for wearing the shirt for 30 days in a row.

The same shirt for 30 days? On junior highers and teenagers? Yep! Oddly, the questions the kids get asked the most are, “Is that really the same shirt?” And “Aren’t you going to stink?” The answer to the first questions is “Yes!” The second question… “They can wash their shirts.”

While young people raising funds and awareness about missions is exciting all by itself, what I’m even more excited about lies with the personal impact I see it having on each of my boys individually as young Christ followers.

30 Days of Funk gives my boys a way to express their faith among their friends that isn’t intimidating to anyone. They are also talking about their faith more than they were before 30 Days of Funk began.

What’s more is that 30 Days of Funk has stimulated some good conversations at home too. Conversations about what Speed the Light does, conversations about how to talk to people about missions and about their youth group, and conversations about why being open about your faith is important.

Another cool aspect of 30 Days of Funk is that not only does it promote camaraderie within our local youth group but also among youth groups across Michigan who are participating in 30 Days of Funk. In fact, this program will culminate at the AG Youth Convention on November 2nd and 3rd with all of the kids from the various youth groups wearing their 30 Days of Funk shirts to the convention.

Now, I must be honest and say that there haven’t been any profound changes – no huge leaps – in my boys’ walk with God since this program started, but they definitely are talking more about their faith than they were before it. And since I’m a firm believer that small steps made over time add up to make a huge difference, I rejoice in these small steps that my boys are taking.

DISCUSSION: What small steps toward Christ have you seen lately that you can rejoice in today?

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