Struggle to Victory

Focus Determines Reality
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Struggle to Victory began as a way to get the overwhelming thoughts and ideas out of my head by giving my active inner life an outlet. My struggle with overwhelm and overload met with progress toward victory as I wrote about my journey toward healing. In small steps, my thoughts became grounded, productive, and more focused instead of running rampant. As a result, I now live in victory over the depression that sought to take my life.


Struggle to Victory now exists as a way to continue that victory even amidst the constant struggle that is life this side of Heaven. In other words, I live not in complete victory over the struggle but with a focus on the victory within the struggle. Depression still pulls. Overwhelm and overload like to tease from the shadows. But hope reigns as the Holy Spirit helps, comforts, and leads toward opportunities for victory within that struggle.


Struggle to Victory also serves as a connecting point for others who recognize their own struggles and desire to focus on the victory within and beyond them. No matter the unique details of our struggles, we can find hope and encouragement from one another as we bear burdens and purpose to live in unity as children of the King who won the ultimate victory of life over death and promises us a place with Him in eternity.


Struggle to Victory happens in all of our lives through the small steps we take that over time add up to make a big difference. By sharing my small steps, I pray that you are encouraged to continue to take small steps of your own as you live in victory amidst the struggles of life.