Don’t Forget to Remember!

May 29, 2018

Remembering our history as a culture, as individuals and related to our faith is important. To Remember?!, especially as Christians, exists not simply as an act of recollection but also as a habit that propels us into action.

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In the Old Testament, the directive to “remember” sometimes comes phrased as “do not forget.” The concept runs throughout the New Testament as well, and both direct our attention and priority within our remembering.

Pulling out just a few examples helps grasp the importance God places on not just remembering but on allowing that recollection to guide our activity. It also helps take our understanding of “remembering” to a deeper level.

Old Testament

Deuteronomy is often called a “book of remembrance” by Bible scholars. The phrases “remember” and “do not forget” come frequently enough to spot during even a casual reading.

Psalms present the words “remember” or “do not forget” about 70 times, depending on the version.  Psalm 78 is a good example.

New Testament
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The Gospels hold many instances where the disciples remember what Jesus said & did. This remembrance then drove their activity (John 2:22 and John 12:16). In addition, Jesus himself even directed them toward remembrance (John 16:4).

Studying this thread of “remembering” in Scripture gives tremendous instruction as to why, what and how that activity should take place in our own lives. It also helps discover significant purpose in our remembering, transforming it into Purposeful Remembering.

7 Responses to “Don’t Forget to Remember!”

  1. Mike Brown Says:

    our relationship with Gid is anchored in our past to guide our present. His mercy and grace shows up on our journey’s path as we take time to look back to find his foot prints along side ours. I take comfort in those look back moments especially when I have wandered off the path. God guides me back…

  2. bettydraper1947 Says:

    It is by remember how God has directed in my past that helps me make decision in the present. He has never let me down, never not been there, never ask me to obey on any issue where it turn out for the worst.
    Good post Kari, have missed reading you this past few weeks, will have to catch up. Have a great day, make good memories…

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