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Face First

Seeking God’s face means getting to know Him and not only looking to what He gives to and does for us. This involves an honesty of intention in our searching.

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Quite a few places in scripture emphasize the idea of seeking God’s face over his hands. Psalm 27:8 tells us God creates a longing in our hearts for connection with Him. Psalm 104:5 and 1 Chronicles 16:11 are duplicate words of David’s seeking God’s presence and his strength continually.

1 Chronicles 28:9 gives us much of what we need to understand the importance of seeking His face:

“And Solomon, my son, get to know the God of your ancestors. Worship and serve him with your whole heart and with a willing mind, for the Lord sees every hear and understands and knows every plan and thought. If you seek him you will find him. But if you forsake him, he will reject you forever.”

How can we apply this directive to know God – to truly see His face over what He does for us – in our lives today?

  1. Sincerely seek God’s face. Reading the Old Testament is a great way to get to know God’s character as he interacts with his people.
  2. Worship him. When he does show is hand, recognize what he has done and be grateful to him for it.
  3. Serve him. Reading the New Testament gives much in the way of how to serve God. Never stop studying this.
  4. Give your whole heart. Continually allow God to show you what you have placed above him on your priority list.
  5. Keep your mind teachable. Turn to God for direction on how to live your life & be open to having your faith challenged.
  6. Don’t neglect God. We get busy so easily. Knowing this, we can build in habits that ensure our regular attention toward him.

Seeking God’s face — his character, who he is as a person — really involves simply choosing to spend regular and consistent time with him. It involves listening to him, talking with him, and caring about his desires.

As we get to know God better and better, we realize the role faith plays in that relationship. We begin to understand that we must trust that he rewards those who honestly seek him…

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…and this means seeking him and letting him decide what happens next. We must trust that he’ll do what’s best for us. This growth of trust results in more seeking of him and less asking for his hand to move in our lives.

Now is always the best time to seek God. Don’t wait for a better time because there isn’t one. Putting it off means making any further seeking more difficult because it increases our distance and the stuff we put between us and God. Fortunately, God doesn’t move or hide; he’s always right where he is at this very moment ready for us to seek and find him.

DISCUSSION: What keeps us from truly seeking God’s face, his character? Why do we so easily seek God’s hand, what he does, instead?

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10 Replies to “Face Over Hands”

  1. I know I don't do this as often nor as sincerely as I should Kari. I know the culprit: time. if not time then a disjointed period in my life. The times I have truly sought Him on my knees and face in hands have been memorable and life-changing.
    My recent post Caught

  2. Good question. I find most people find it more suitable to focus on what God can do for me rather than who he is. People feel it is easier to ask for things through dark room conversations. It is far easier to claim a faith in what God can do for me than in who he is. Point and case, survey people about who God is to them and then listen carefully to their responses. They will dance around any description of who he is and dwell upon what he does. There is a comfort in believing God is on the other end of a long distance phone line rather than in the same room as we pray. As long as God remains mysterious and anonymous to us, we can shape and define what he can and will do for us freely.

    Like the song, Cats in the Cradle declares, we can live our lives so focused on our needs we never connect with those we claim to love until its too late, How many of us pray to borrow the car keys for a car we don't own or deserve but do so with an empty promise to sit down later, but later is always tomorrow? God is a Father who is never too busy to get to know face to face, but we must want to see beyond arm's length for our eyes to make contact.

    1. More \”suitable\” to focus on what God can do rather than who he is. That\’s a good way to put it. Our nature is to see what benefits us. Slowing down & taking the time to build relationship is the essence of knowing who someone is.

  3. We live in a challenging and sinful world that can easily direct our focus away from God. It's why we need to daily discipline our self to implement spiritual disciplines. To read the Bible, pray, worship, and talk with Him. It allows us to stay close to Him and away from bad things. Great post!

  4. Kari,
    If we look deep into our lives we realize what really means the most is not what people can do for us but that they are with us; that they willingly walk this journey with us. We desire to be in each others presence. If we only care what others can do for us we don't care for them and we miss what is most important and that is to know all of who they are; to interact on a deep level of understanding. We love that which we know; we seek to be understood. The relationship itself is the blessing; not what you get out of it.
    The same is true for our interaction with God… it is the relationship that is most important.

    1. So true, Mark. The relationship itself is the blessing, with other people and especially with God. Interacting on a deep level of understanding is a deep need of all individuals, whether they admit it or realize it or not. The problem I've noticed, and experienced myself, is this hiding of self and pushing against this deep desire. Protection? Fear? Whatever the reason, it's a core issue need attention in our culture.

  5. I am going to ditto what Mark said, when I seek His relationship more then what He can do for me is when I get blessed the most. I have some very dear friends who I love to be around, their spirit draws me to them and it's how I like to think of my truest friend, Jesus. Good post Kari, haven't been around for a while, have missed your wise words my blog friend.

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