While sitting on my deck early one morning, I saw a full rainbow. After spending time thanking God for His promises and His faithfulness, I moved to my front porch because it started to rain.

The view from my front porch was the sun rising over the clouds. God’s magnificence shone brightly, and I was in awe of His majestic glory.

Within 30 minutes, God took me from thankfulness of His promises and faithfulness to awe over his glory and majesty. God reminded me of His goodness and mercy, and I found myself in a place of wonder all over again at His sacrifice of Jesus for me.

This experience reminded me of how Jesus doesn’t simply forget our sins.

“As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.” (Psalm 103:12)

Once we’re forgiven, our sins are gone. We may still live in their consequences or allow our guilt to fog our vision, but that’s us remembering them. God chooses to act as if they never happened!

Can’t quite grasp that concept? Me either. That’s why we need faith. His ways are not our ways. We remember our sins and the sins of others even after they’re forgiven. He doesn’t.

Take a minute to read Psalm 103 in its entirety. Like David, we can live in deliberate thankfulness for the ways of God, knowing that He is compassionate, loving, kind, righteous, and strong. We can be thankful that He rules over everything.