Balancing Quietness & Confidence

scaleTwo Sided Struggle

There are those who seem to live in constant struggle. They’re confident of the coming victory God has in store for them, so they keep fighting, pushing and struggling toward it. There are others who quietly wait  for God to move. They surrender themselves fully to His will and purpose for their lives, seeming to continually wait in quietness and trust.

As I survey my life, I see both quietness and confidence existing. Usually though, I live in one or the other. But I am realizing that I can both live in confidence of the victory Christ has won and at the same time be journeying to full surrender.

Bob Sorge in The Fire of Delayed Answers expresses this idea as he questions those who seem to exist at both extremes. He explains that there are those who stress that “God is more interested in your character than in your miracle” and at the same time others who say, “He’s my Savior, my healer, my deliverer, my provider, my protector, my supply, my, my, my…. [producing] a self-absorbed focus.”

Instead, Sorge says, both can exist together, that we can “become more Christlike in our attitudes and also experience the power of His resurrection.”

Surviving Times of War

The development and also true test of this balance comes both through the trials we experience as we live out life this side of Heaven and the more severe times of testing through crisis. Sorge expresses the sentiment this way…

Sorge 1

Times of war are the proving ground for faith. In My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers deepens this idea of our faith being proven in battle along with truly understanding that our battle is ultimately our own. Chambers says…


War and Relationships

Our goal is to live lives that remain true to God’s character no matter what. And since the majority of our struggles and victories involve other people, relationships provide the ultimate proving ground for our faith.

Yes, our quiet confidence comes from our individual relationship with God. And yes, we are responsible for our own activity and not that of anyone else. Yet, at the same time, we struggle together even while we struggle alone. We gain victory together while we gain individual victory.

Because relationship play such an integral role in our faith walk, we’re detailing in on relationships during the month of February. To begin, let’s discuss how finding an individual balance with quietness and confidence help strengthen relationships. Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

This post is a part of a weekly book discussion of The Fire of Delayed Answers by Bob Sorge hosted by Jason Stasyszen of Connecting to Impact and Sarah Salter of Living Between the Lines. Be sure to check out their posts!

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17 Replies to “Balancing Quietness & Confidence”

  1. That we all would have this attitude "Though he slay me, yet will I trust in Him." In the battles of life that most assuredly assail us and encourage us to bail we have to work hard to hang to that trust that God has us.

  2. Great quote by Chambers, it really helps add to Sorge's book.

    In life we will have struggles, it part of living. No one is immune to hard times, but how we react to them is what shows our hearts and our faith.

    do we trust God with everything or only parts of our lives?

    Do we trust God to take care of those we love?

    I often have to remind myself when I begin worrying about my family, that when I worry I am not trusting God. There's no better place to take my prayers than to God. He can take care of things I never can.

    But do I trust Him?

    1. Thanks, TC. You're so right about worry sort of negating our trust in God. Something my pastor said helps me grasp where worry is in my life. He says if I'm worrying, I'm talking to God more than others about whatever. I find that gauge helpful.

  3. I love that Bible verse in Job. I also think of the one with Shadrach, Meshac, and Abendigo (sp?) – My God is able to do this, but even if He doesn't, yet I will serve Him, or something along those lines. To me the struggle and peace should coincide. God wants us to put in the effort to abide in Him, pray, renew our minds, etc – but if we're not doing that in peace, then there's a good chance that we care more about the victory than the Victor. Not that the struggle can ever be 100% peaceful – after all, Jesus sweat tears of blood in working to be victorious over His own temptations!

    1. Two really great points in your comment, Barb, that I want to emphasize. First, the idea that we too often can focus on the victory rather than the Victor. Oh my is there a lot to look at in that statement. Second, Jesus constantly struggled but He obviously also lived in victory. Terrific additions to this idea of balancing quietness and confidence.

  4. Powerful quote from Chambers there. I know I have many times failed to recognize the actual test of faith instead of seeing it as part of life. I like your focus on relationships as well. Trials tend to isolate us, but we need each other, which takes humility to walk in. I'm so glad there is a third option between the extremes of the camps by embracing both quietness and confidence. When those words were spoken in Isaiah 30:15, God was speaking to a nation. Quietness and confidence will not fully be realized outside of community (like all God's promises). Great thoughts here, Kari. Really appreciate the discussion!

    1. The quote really does add to what Sorge says. My plan is to focus on relationships for the month of February, so I'm glad to hear confirmation from you on the topic. Great point about how God was speaking to a nation, which just further illustrates how essential community is in His plan.

  5. Great thoughts Kari,

    The true test is to remain strong and in God's Word when going through the challenging seasons of life, "war" times. It's why it's so important to be strongly founded on the rock, God and His word.

    1. You are so right, Loren. Balance allows you to more fully give love to others. It also allows others love to flow more freely to you. Actually, your comment is sort of a synopsis of a NF book I'm writing right now. I'll take this as confirmation of being on the right track.

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