Lost in Struggle

It’s hard to know peace, let alone “perfect peace” (Isaiah 26:3), when struggles flourishes around you. Actually, I’m not sure how it’s even supposed to happen, and I feel lost in my struggles when I can’t seem to find any peace. As always, though, my focus determines my reality.

Jesus says he does give peace like world gives it (John 14:27). The world’s peace depends on circumstances, which always change. Jesus’ peace depends on him, and he’s consistent. He never changes.

The peace we so often pursue remains ever elusive under the shadow of life’s everyday struggles. Maybe we’re chasing after the wrong peace. Maybe we don’t need to chase peace at all. Maybe if we pursue Jesus, peace will find us.

Staying Power

The peace Jesus gives has staying power. His peace is freely given and exists independent of circumstances. He doesn’t expect anything in return for the peace He gives. Because of His peace, trouble and fear no longer create my heart’s condition (John 14:27).

The staying power of peace from Jesus gives us the means to:

  1. Believe (John 14:1). Faith keeps trouble from taking root.
  2. Take heart (John 16:33). The world can’t beat you because it’s already been beaten.
  3. Go about your work (John 20:21). God’s sending means success is sure.
  4. Accept (Philippians 4:7). His peace doesn’t make sense because we think in terms of temporal instead of eternal.
  5. Let peace rule (Colossians 3:15). Focus on Him and allow His peace to consume you.

Lasting peace exists because it’s a gift. When we fully focus on Christ, we have peace because our focus determines our reality. Let Jesus become your full reality today.