The book of Judges teaches us about God’s faithfulness and what matters in terms of our faithfulness to him. The whole book shows a pattern of rebellion after a godly leader died. With every cycle, sin came back worse than before.

During times of rebellion, God allowed other nations to harass the Israelites to test their obedience to him. Unfortunately, they continually repeated the sin cycle because they failed to let his faithfulness motivate their own.

Realizing these truths is important. The crucial next step is to see how they can still shape us today. Judges 2 gives us a microcosm of the lessons we can learn. Those include:

  1. Make your faith dependent upon Jesus, not your pastor, parent, spouse, child, friend, etc.
  2. The only way out is up; we can’t handle even a little sin without getting pulled down and in.
  3. Struggles test our faithfulness to God. They build strength like lifting weights does for the body.
  4. Focusing on God’s faithfulness keeps us from selfishness and self-centeredness.

Anyone who thinks the Old Testament is boring has never read the book of Judges. Not only is it filled with action and drama, but it is also relatable to today’s culture. There’s much it can teach us about ourselves, and we would be wise to listen.