Have you ever noticed how much farther the actual distance is over water than what it looks like standing on shore? Many people have thought they could swim further than they can only to find themselves in trouble when they get in the middle of the lake. Either that or they over-estimated their swimming abilities. They begin to tire, start treading water, and eventually drown if help doesn’t come.

This happens with commitments too. All too often, we think we can handle more than we actually can. We take on more and more commitments only to eventually find ourselves overwhelmed and drowning.

If we think of staying in the boat as staying committed to living life according to the word of God, we realize that we have to first make that choice to get into the boat. We must decide that we aren’t going to attempt to swim across the lake on our own and to instead get into a boat that will help us safely reach our destination.

All too often, though, we start out in the boat certain we will stay determined and finish strong but suddenly find that water surrounds us. Maybe our boat is sinking from over-commitment, like we’ve taken buckets of water and filled our boats to the point of overload.

Maybe we grabbed a life vest somewhere along the line and are now just floating along outside the boat while life happens around us. Perhaps we decided to dive into the water because we thought the boat wasn’t going fast enough, and we are swimming and working and suddenly find ourselves horribly tired and treading water and barely able to keep from drowning.

Sometimes, we decide that the boat we’re in – lives committed to God and to living according to His Word – doesn’t seem to be taking us in the right direction, so we jump into the next boat that comes along. We turn our attentions to the things of this world that seem to satisfy and meet needs initially but eventually prove to be shoddy rafts that soon become water-logged.

Finishing strong – staying in the boat and enduring to the final destination of eternity with our Creator – begins and ends with focusing on the great expectations that God has for how we live lives committed to Him. It requires making a commitment to live your life according to God’s great expectations.

Start rowing your boat by exploring commitment in a way that will keep the waters of life from overwhelming you and instead will allow your life to overflow with God’s rich blessings as you journey with Him to the other shore.

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