Types of Stretching

Regular stretching improves flexibility along with range of motion. It increases blood flow to muscles, thus improving circulation. Stretching every day keeps muscle from getting too tight, which results in better overall posture. The most well-known types of stretching are dynamic and static stretching.

Dynamic stretching consists of active movements that take joints through their full range of motion. They are used to warm up the body before exercising.

Static stretching involves holding a stretching position for 30-60 seconds or longer. It lengthens muscles, improves flexibility, and reduces pain. Static stretches are typically used post-workout.

Stretching the Muscle of Faith

Your faith is sort of like a muscle that needs regular stretching. Stretching your faith leads you to adaptability as the unexpected happens. It keeps you from getting so tight you cannot adapt to changing circumstances.

One way we stretch your faith is through daily time in God’s word. A daily devotion is akin to a dynamic stretch that sort of warms up your mind and spirit for the day ahead. Bible study, in contrast, goes deeper into God’s word. We spend more time here, and we allow it to deepen our faith, much like static stretching deepens the flexibility of our muscles.

While not a perfect analogy, you get the idea. We need to stretch our faith through study of God’s word, so we can exercise our faith in the business and busyness of life.