An “All In” Lifestyle

In December 2011, the New York Giants adopted the motto “All In” after hearing a motivational speech by Gian Paul Gonzalez during a chapel service. The immediate impact of this speech is truly amazing.

This “All In” lifestyle, as Gonzales calls it, caught on in every facet of the Giant franchise. They even placed the motto on towels as reminders and to show their commitment. That season, they won the Superbowl. When Gonzales spoke to them, them were 7-7.

While “All In” is best known as a poker term, it represents well the idea of a full-commitment standard applicable to almost any area of life.

“All In” as a Christian

Being “All In” as a Christian means to:

Being an “All In” Christian ultimately means putting Christ and obedience to Him first and refusing to succumb to the shaky morals of the surrounding culture. It means staring that culture in the face and saying, “I’m not going to be molded by you!”

Are living as an “all in” Christian?