A Patience Problem

Years ago, I had what I called a temper problem. What I’ve discovered, though, is that the problem is really a battle with patience.

When exploring the value of patience, we largely consider its negative consequences, and we do this because of the motivation that doing so can provide. Instead, let’s look at patience from the benefits that it provides.

If… Then…

Looking at the benefits of patience through “If… then…” logic has helps me gain a renewed ambition to become more patient and as a result to further defeat any control my temper might try to exert.

  • IF I want to grow, THEN I need to be patient.
  • IF I want to harvest, THEN I must wait after I plant.
  • IF I am patient with others, THEN love and unity will grow.
  • IF I want to overcome temptation, THEN patience must be a rule.
  • IF I want to win over my enemies, THEN I must employ patient persuasion.
  • IF I am patient with others, THEN I am showing love.
  • IF the Holy Spirit controls my life, THEN patience will grow within me.
  • IF I love one others, THEN I won’t get hung up on faults.
  • IF I exercise patience, THEN I act counter-culturally.

A spirit of patience must blanket our lives. We also need to choose patience during specific life events, too. Patience happens when it becomes an attitude of the heart.

“Patience is better than pride.” (Ecclesiastes 7:8)