Believing is Seeing

September 1, 2015

Birthday 2Until the recent past, shopping existed as therapy and a way to for a least a little while forget about life’s struggles. I loved finding good deals and saving money on unplanned purchases. Loved the image I showed from being stylish, though I’m not sure how much others actually noticed.

For whatever reason, the feel of some new thing energized me and gave me a sort of high. A high I forgot and needed again as soon as the new became old.

I’m not sure when, but the same sort of fading of newness happened with my physical self too. I find myself wondering…

When did the physical weariness begin to rear its ugly head?

When did the groaning and sighing become so commonplace?

When did my desire to recuperate replace my desire to be active?

I’m not talking a negativity, really, but rather an increased awareness that feeling new and energized — like I used to in a new outfit — happens a lot less frequently in the physical sense now than it used to not too many years ago. My body simply doesn’t respond and renew physically like it did even 5 years ago. At the same time, my desire to focus there exists more for maintenance purposes now anyway.

When I read 2 Corinthians 5:1-10, I gain a better understanding of what’s likely happening. I’m becoming more aware of my earthly tent and its weaknesses. At times, I focus there and allow the number of my life as it increases toward finality to consume me. If I stay in that thinking, I get increasingly discouraged. But if I choose to dwell instead on God’s truth, I find tremendous encouragement once again. Specifically, I am renewed in my knowledge that…

I will have an eternal home in Heaven one day, one God Himself made.

The body I will have will be like wearing heavenly clothing, like putting on a new outfit but knowing the newness will never fade.

Not only did God prepare this eternity for me, He guarantees its reality through His Holy Spirit.

This reality — one more real than the physical one we live in now — not only encourages me, it gives me great confidence too. And this confidence…

Always exists even though I’m not yet in my real home.

Focuses on believing rather than seeing.

Provides motivation to always please the Lord.

The encouragement and confidence instilled by God’s truth in my heart through His Holy Spirit helps me turn my birthday focus from a melancholy perspective that feels overwhelmed by the current reality to one that aims to please God rather than self. One where the earthly weakness still exists but that matters less and less as eternal life draws increasingly near.

DISCUSSION: How does “believing is seeing” play out in your life?

4 Responses to “Believing is Seeing”

  1. cycleguy Says:

    i sure can attest to the "My body does not respond the way it did just 5 years ago." i used to ride day after day (on mostly flat ground). But today, that has changed. I often have to take a day between rides because my body is weary. 'Course now it is mostly hilly but that still doesn't change the fact my body is wearing down. Glad I will some day get a new one.
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  2. jason1scott Says:

    Oh yeah, I can fall into the trap of simply focusing on the weak spots in my life. Something in me wants to make them all strengths, but I'm coming to realize the weakness is not an issue for God like it is me. The fact that I won't trust Him to be my Strength is the issue. Like you said, that change of perspective is so invaluable. Great reminder, Kari. Thank you.
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    • Kari Scare Says:

      When it comes to viewing our weak spots, our perspective tends to be totally opposite of God's. We see them as something that holds us back. He seems them as something that focuses us on Him, which always propels us forward. Changing how we think about weaknesses is essential in understanding how God works, that's for sure.

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