A Pleasant Aroma?


Coffee Snob

Sauteing onions. Anything tropical. Blankets dried outside. All smells I enjoy. Each one brings to mind a pleasant thought or memory. My favorite aroma, though, is coffee. It draws me in, and I find great comfort in its fragrance.

Those closest to me, and even many not so close for that matter, know I love coffee. They know it makes me a happier person, especially in the morning. I blame my mom. She began the addiction when I was 13 by bringing it to me every morning when she woke me up for school. (I’ve never really been a morning person.)

My youngest son likes to bribe me to take him places by promising to buy me coffee (It often works.) My husband knows the best way to keep in my good graces (and to romance me) is by having coffee with me regularly. In fact, he often lets me know when he’s having coffee even when he travels or is at work, and I’ll brew a cup just so we can have coffee “together.”

My husband and others closest to me also know the coffee must be high quality. Don’t waste my time with the cheap stuff or if the coffee’s been sitting for a while and has that burnt, bitter smell – and putrid taste – to it.

My pickiness with the coffee led my husband to affectionately label me a “coffee snob.” If coffee doesn’t smell fresh and isn’t of high quality, I want nothing to do with it. (Actually, much of the not-so-cheap stuff doesn’t meet my standards either.)

A Sweet FragranceCoffee 2

I wonder if my fragrance as a Christian draws people in like I’m drawn by the smell of good coffee or if it wrinkles noses like when I run into the aroma of sub-par or stale coffee. Are people repelled or drawn by my fragrance? Am I a “sweet, life-giving perfume” or a “hukster” unconcerned with quality (2 Corinthians 2:14-17, NLT)?

Even more importantly, what does God think about my aroma? He certainly desires to use every detail of our lives to illustrate His truth, to let His glory show through us (Colossians 3:17). He also uses that which we find appealing and that which repels us to help us better understand His desires for our living in relationship with Him and with others, to help us understand the impact of our aroma.

Even coffee, which a person usually either loves or hates, can show Scripture application in a way that not only sticks but that finds us regularly. For me, coffee provides a daily reminder to check my aroma, to determine whether or not I am appealing to others, to ask myself, “Do I have an aroma that pleases God and draws others to His grace and mercy or that repels them toward the world?”

DISCUSSION: How would you characterize your aroma?

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10 Replies to “A Pleasant Aroma?”

  1. I'm not one who has to have coffee necessarily, but I do enjoy it. It's the habit of it and the warmth, the taste is important but almost secondary to me. Good analogy! I hope I carry the aroma of His grace and goodness to everyone I meet. Thanks Kari.

  2. Good application Kari on the coffee smell and how we smell to others and the Lord. I love the smell of good coffee but am not a drinker of it, tea is my choice. Haven't come for a visit for a while, must I have missed your wisdom and insight.

  3. Wow. Excellent analogy, Kari. I too love coffee and while I don't consider myself an expert I do appreciate a good cup-u-joe, do every morning. I'll use your advice and lesson to consider my own aroma before our Father as I partake of my morning ritual.

  4. Love the analogy, Kari, and the great way you have of writing it! Hope you're having a fun summer! We've been extremely smoky lately, but no fires threatening us. Looking forward to a camping/hiking trip to Yellowstone on Wednesday which should give us a respite!

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