As Far as the East is from the West

Recently while sitting on my deck early one morning, I was blessed to look up and see a full rainbow. After spending time thanking God for His promises and His faithfulness, I moved to my front porch because it started to rain. (The porch is covered; the deck is not.)

The view from my front porch was the sun rising over the clouds on the horizon. God’s magnificence shone brightly, and I was in awe of His majestic glory.

Within 30 minutes time, God took me from thankfulness of His promises and faithfulness to awe over his glory and majesty. God reminded me once again of His goodness and mercy in my life, and I found myself in a place of wonder all over again at His sacrifice of Jesus for me.

As His presence that morning moved from looking to a rainbow in the western sky to the sunrise in the eastern sky, I was reminded of Psalm 103:12 where it says God has removed my sins from me as far as the east is from the west.

Wow! That means, once we’re forgiven, we can’t reach our sins. We may still live in their consequences or allow our guilt to fog our vision, but that’s us remembering them. God chooses to forget!

Can’t quite grasp that concept? Me either. That’s why we need faith. He’s God. We’re not. His ways are not our ways. We remember our sins and the sins of others even after they’re forgiven. He doesn’t.

Take a minute to read Psalm 103 in its entirety. Like David, we can live in deliberate thankfulness for the ways of God, knowing that He is compassionate, loving, kind, righteous and strong. We can be thankful that He rules over all even if we don’t even come close to understanding Him.

DISCUSSION: How does nature remind you of the presence and goodness of God?

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12 Replies to “As Far as the East is from the West”

  1. I do not understand the concept where it says God removed my sins from ME. I know that sin extracts a toil on us and perhaps the removal by God is he way of protecting us from that toil. He has already taken away the punishment but perhaps not the consequences thus a warning to ourselves that sin is not to be toyed with. So I ask if he removed it so far why do we remember our sin? I think again the remembrance is to help prevent us from going that way again.

    I am reminded of the things about God I do not understand from nature. I get caught by surprise by beautiful rainbow; surprised by a storm suddenly blowing up, a cool breeze, a touch of warmth on my face, the millions up millions of stars in the night sky, comets that only come by every 76, 130, 2400 years…. And I am just without words! Wow.

    1. For me, having my sins removed means I am no longer under their weight even though there may be consequences to live with. Being out from under their weight means that I can keep moving forward, learning from those mistakes, knowing that my future does not hold the guilt associated with my sins. Yet, that's not even quite good enough. God means so much more than that, I'm sure. He is impossible to explain as are His ways. Being thankful and in awe is the best we can do. I am looking forward to the day when I never disappoint Him again though!

  2. It's so great to take a few moments in seemingly ordinary situations like that to just be amazed at God and his creation. I love watching the view from my deck too – and it reminds me of how blessed I am to have a view like this from my back yard!

  3. Thanks again for brightening my day Kari! On the road we have had several occassions to see rainbows and each time I feel God's blessing.
    I need that reminders of that especially when things go wrong out here on the road. prayers needed! thanks.

    1. One reason I love to travel is to see nature. My husband and I love to travel together for that reason, especially on road trips but also via airplane and ship. Prayers have been said for you, my friend. Hope things improve and believing they will.

  4. I read Psalm 103 and appreciate you pointing me in that direction. "He will not always accuse nor will He harbor His anger forever." That is amazing news.

    Thanks as well for the review. I will use it on my website as well. God bless.

  5. Hello,
    Just meandering over her from Barb Raveling's site. I appreciate your word picture and can only thank God for His eternal lovingkindness. As you said, we are the ones who keep reminding ourselves and each other of the sins our Father has removed. I look forward to following you.

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