Becoming Spiritually Healthy

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Jesus Changes Everything…

The biggest impact on my focus for lasting transformation and increasing joy during the holidays and beyond came when I truly met Jesus in the pages of Scripture and allowed His Holy Spirit to direct my focus. I’ve technically been a Christian my whole life. Yet, it took almost 30 years for my faith to become a significant driving force, for me to truly become spiritually healthy.

This doesn’t mean my faith didn’t impact my life before that point. However, when I finally realized and admitted my utter dependence upon Christ to work in me through His Holy Spirit for a joyful reality, my faith became so much more than mere fire insurance.

If You’ll Let Him!

Jesus desires for us to be spiritually healthy. He wants to increase the focus of our lives continually more toward God. But, He doesn’t force Himself on us. His Holy Spirit doesn’t force its way in as the director of our focus either. We must let Him change how we think… which changes our focus, which then changes our reality… if we are to become spiritually healthy.

Spiritually Healthy Habits

Usually, being led by Christ through His Holy Spirit involves many activities we already know to be spiritually beneficial. In other words, letting Christ lead us simply means doing that which Scripture extols as necessary habits for continually increasing spiritual health.

  1. Don’t neglect the basics. Keeping a consistent routine of Bible study, prayer & worship proves immensely beneficial. The basics keep us strong for the unexpected life inevitably handed us.
  2. Try simple & minimal. Take this approach with every aspect of life from schedules to clothing. Allow yourself the mental space to enjoy the people in your life by keeping the material aspects as simple as possible.
  3. Pay attention to physical health. While indulging feels good in the moment, the consequences usually outweigh any momentary, immediate pleasure. Consider the long-term impact of choices prior to making them.
  4. Make relationships a priority. Choose relationships over doing and going and accomplishing and impressing whenever possible.

Deliberately considering what I allow to direct my focus, the thoughts I allow to dwell in my spirit, helps me continue making choices that lead to a positive and joy-filled life. As I do so, and as I keep to these habits, living spiritually healthy becomes a more natural part of who I am.

Establish your focus on the only person able to align all you are with truth, light and hope. Let Jesus continually and increasingly direct your focus and shape your reality. This is the only way to become and stay spiritually healthy.

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21 Replies to “Becoming Spiritually Healthy”

  1. It is a statistical fact that Christmas brings to light more than nay other time of the year, including Easter, the stark contrast between what is good v evil, wrong v right, prideful v humble, truth v lies, meekness v audacity, etc. The Message of Christmas casts a bright light upon the chasm between the hearts of men and women and the love of God. Suicide, divorces, murder, thefts etc. increase in the shadows of all the joy. love, hope and peace that the Message of Jesus offers each year. I am sorry your life has seen and witnessed the shadows, but you are now fortunate, like me, to embrace what is revealed by the light that shines down upon the manger each year as a reminder. God bless Kari.

  2. Many many people are paralyzed by hurts during the Christmas season. Your suggestion of focus is absolutely essential Kari. I plan to post about people hurting and with your permission will link to this whole series.
    My recent post Interruption

  3. Kari,
    We certainly move towards that we focus on. I the discipline of focusing on something draws us towards that what we focus on. If it is negative then we become negative and if it's positive then the tendency is to be positive. We become our focus in a sense. We we tie ourselves up with pulls us along.
    We often ignore the things that benefit us the most because we don't make it a focus. We let ourselves become focused on something shiny and the shine blinds us to the things we are not doing.
    If we all focused on people instead of things it would bless us all.

    1. My reality has always come from where I place my focus. Always. Focusing on people, as Jesus did, gives us a right focus for sure. And to maintain that focus, it must be led by a focus on Him in all things. Thanks, Mark.

  4. Great word today, Kari. During the holidays, I really try to focus on points #3 and #5. The last few years, we have tried to get most of our shopping done early. This allows us to enjoy our time with family, to focus on the true meaning of the season, and to not feel so rushed during the days leading up to Christmas. I definitely relish the slower-paced feel we've incorporated, especially those mornings I can wake a little later, drink coffee, and read. And in terms of #4, I usually try to at least walk outside several times during Christmas week. This year, I'm planning to take a hike in the mountains in early next week.
    My recent post What Christmas Day Teaches Us About Our God-Given Adventures

    1. Thanks, Chris. Good job making a deliberate effort to keep the craziness out of the holidays and to be able to enjoy relationships and relaxing more. That slower-pace can get addicting… in a good way 🙂 Good to hear you're getting outside too. I certainly would if I could (not motivated to do so when it's below freezing). Enjoy your mountain hike! I'm jealous!

  5. All good advice to follow to make this season doable. In my bible study there are five women whose husbands have left them…I marvel at their heart to make the holidays about Jesus and not about the divorce. Yet often they cry tears of sorrow at what sin has done to their lives and the lives of their children. Our last bible study they talked about this openly which helped them a lot they said. In fact these women have banded together and drawing from each other ways to combat the depression that will come at any given moment. I am going to sent them your post Kari…thank you sister for you faithful giving out on this issue…others will be blessed from your study that came from your own battle with depression, I say again, God never waste a thing in our lives and always wants to use it for others and His glory.

  6. Great post Kari,

    I really like the idea of reading a book that shares the Christmas/Jesus story. I think I might just need to start making that a yearly habit. Any good books you would recommend (Besides the Bible:)?

    I make it a point to relax with family during different holidays. It allows us to connect and refresh.

    1. Relaxing with family is a must for me too, Dan. Books I like & read almost yearly are: \”Christmas is…\” (no author, just short reflections) and \”Reflections on the Christmas Story\” by Janette Oke. Lee Strobel\’s \”The Case for Christmas\” is also good and so is \”Why He Came\” by Ray Pritchard (this was a free Kindle book). I sort of rotate through these. They don\’t get old. Enjoy!

  7. My family has always been pretty decent about making Christmas a special time, and there are always great services at church to remind us of the special nature of this season. But recently I've been making more of an effort to have a spiritually focused advent time, and that's really changing the way I feel about Christmas.
    My recent post Thursday Time Tip: The Zeigarnik Effect

  8. Late is replying but it has been crazy. When I was home I was not home, but running errands, shopping, baking, helping others. I did take one day to spend part of with a dear friend who still struggles with the grief of loosing her daughter to suicide. We laughed. Yes, we laughed. Because that is what happens when we are together, but we also prayed and hugged, and shared. What a blessing that day was. It was NOT on my calendar for the week, but it was on God's. That is how I have been trying to face things, starting the day by thanking God for the gift of the day and then asking Him what HE has on the planner for me. I have been trying to be open to His nudges, and to share His love, which always comes back more than I give. Thanks for a year of great posts, many things to think about and learn from. May your Christmas be Cross-centered and Christ-filled with Love and Peace.

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