5 Ways to Upgrade Your Attitude

The word “upgrade” leaped to a whole new level in the world of marketing over the past several of years. When you go on a cruise to the Caribbean, you’re encouraged to “upgrade your diamonds.” At pretty much any time after you’ve purchased a cell phone, you have the opportunity to “upgrade your device.” Fashion magazines also constantly encourage you to “upgrade your look” in one way or another.

Everywhere we look, we have the opportunity to go to the next level, to upgrade in some way. The question that I find myself asking is, “Am I spending my efforts going to the next level in the areas that truly matter?”

At some point, we all feel the need for a new direction or even a new beginning. Whether we’ve become overwhelmed by overload, saturated with stress or defeated by disaster, we sometimes simply feel like a whole new start or even a remodel of some area of our lives will give us the renewal we need to finally make progress instead of constantly spinning our wheels.

Yet most of the upgrades offered serve only to give us that “fresh” feeling temporarily. In time, the new becomes old, and we find ourselves once again in need of another upgrade. Fortunately, one area exists where an upgrade comes guaranteed to positively impact all of life.

An attitude upgrade brings a fresh start to those who feel stale and defeated. An attitude upgrade, if developed and maintained in a deliberate an intentional way, brings renewal to anyone’s outlook.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Attitude

Developing and maintaining a godly attitude could be the upgrade that changes your life permanently.

  1. Let yourself be renewed. (Ephesians 4:22) Be teachable, flexible and willing to change. Allow yourself to be renewed by staying open to others speaking into your life and to new ideas and approaches for growth.
  2. Acknowledge and repent of bad attitudes. (Acts 8:22; Genesis 4:6-7; Numbers 14:1-4) Let go of pride and admit areas of struggle. Confess the areas your attitude slides, and open yourself to renewal.
  3. Discipline your thought life. (2 Corinthians 10:5; Philippians 4:8; Philippians 1:20-25) Choose positive input and allow it to push out the negative. Remember that a key in any discipline involves constant, deliberate and intentional effort.
  4. Understand the relationship between attitude and emotions. (Habakkuk 3:17-19) Nothing derails a positive attitude more easily and more often than emotions. The Bible tells us we are to choose to rejoice no matter our circumstances. That choice may need made place every minute at times, but we allow our emotions to only exist as gauges and not pilots.
  5. Consider how your attitude affects others. This area of attitude adjustment provides tremendous motivation when we realize that our kids, co-workers, family, friends, spouse, and other Christians as well as non-Christians pay attention to our attitudes. We are setting examples and sending messages through our attitude, action and words.

When you’re tired, hungry or sick, what happens to your attitude? When your day (or week or month or year) is particularly stressful with little (if any) relief, is it okay to let your attitude slip?

“Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 2:5)

We all need attitude upgrades. We all must choose to get to the root cause, which generally originates in the heart where our intentions lie. We must intentionally take steps, such as the ones listed above, to improve the aroma of our hearts (our attitudes). Doing serves to upgrade our attitudes, which in turn upgrades our lives in increasingly significant and probably unpredictable and uncountable ways.

For a scripture study on attitude, check out Everyday Attitude.

DISCUSSION: What is the aroma of your heart? What changes can you make to create a better scent?

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8 Replies to “5 Ways to Upgrade Your Attitude”

  1. I love your thoughts on having a disciplined thought life. It's amazing the power that our thoughts have. Not in any mystical way, but simply that our thoughts shape our perceptions, emotions, and actions.

    1. Unfortunately, our culture is less and less of one that promotes discipline of thought life and attitude. Emotions are king in our culture. The more we can get back in touch with what Scripture says about attitude and our thought lives, the more effective we can be. You're right… it is amazing how much power our thoughts have in our lives. That's why Scripture tells us to be so careful with them.

  2. Attitude is everything I once heard someone say. While I may not totally agree with that statement, I cannot deny the power of a good one. I find my attitude much better when I have focused on Jesus and not myself.
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  3. Attitude…. we choose it; good, bad, or mediocre. We often make excuses when we have a "bad" attitude letting others know that we allow circumstances dictate how we act. It takes work to have a good attitude when things go south but it benefits not only you but those around you. Scripture helps us to understand why we should not let feelings and circumstance dictate how we approach life or how we approach something we consider bad happening to us. It is always worth the effort I think because when I choose a bad attitude I choose other bad stuff that comes with that.

    1. You're so right, Mark. Consequences follow our attitudes. Our culture promotes doing what you feel like these days, and so many don't take responsibility for their attitudes. That in itself is discouraging and can lead to a bad attitude. We must continually refocus on Christ in order to keep our attitudes what they should be.

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