Breathe Deeply

Deep breathing triggers relaxation, which causes capillaries to expand and allow more oxygen to reach places where healing is needed. Proper breathing heals, lowers stress, relaxes muscles, and even decreases perspiration. When your body is properly oxygenated through deep breathing, viruses and bacteria struggle surviving in your body.

When you breathe deeply, you tell your brain to calm down and relax. In return, your brain sends that same message to your body.

Breath of God

Not only does deep breathing heal and relax your body, but it also provides an intimate connection to your creator. Consider what the breath of God in you does.

  1. The breath of God creates life. (Genesis 2:7)
  2. The breath of God sustains life. (Job 33:4)
  3. The breath of God brings understanding. (Job 32:8)
  4. The breath of God gives revives life. (Ezekiel 37:4-14)

Take time daily to breathe deeply. Pause and rest as you inhale and exhale, allowing tension to release. Linger over these times and allow your thoughts to dwell on God’s breath within you.


What does just one three-minute session of deep breathing and pondering the breath of God do for you mentally, physically, and spiritually?